God job. Now die in a fire

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For those who don’t remember/know Father Ted this won’t be as funny

I have heard of a few of these characters - but I don’t see how it relates. We aren’t being locked up and tortured? In some places our movement is restricted but to me that doesn’t equate with imprisonment. I’m sorry, I don’t know where you live or how different your situation is; perhaps my view is a little privileged - but keeping my distance from other humans isn’t a bad thing to me at all.

Depression and suicide rates are increasing under lockdowns and other prohibitions of free movement or free travel. In-person gatherings forbidden is another thing with the same effects.

I live in Hong Kong and basically the mask mandates are out for more than a year. I am completely sick and tired of being gagged for 18 months in a row because of some mandate. Not many there thinks so but I defintely do.

Absolutely, isolation has had a terrible effect on mental health everywhere but how is that part of an evil mastermind plan? Wearing a mask isn’t the most comfortable thing (my ears get really sore) - but it’s not something I would equate with being gagged. I mean, you can remove it at home, outdoors, exercising, while you’re eating yes? To me - wearing some fabric over my face to prevent a spread of infection isn’t the worst thing - it allows me to relax into my resting bitch face for more of the day which is actually a win.

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