God Ki Team Makes its Debut


New Beerus Equip Is actually insane.
Anyone Going to be running some sort of godki team after this?
I am Currently Running Beerus, Godku, Godgeta, and on bench SSJ3 goku, SSJ1 Goku red, and EX Raditz.
Let me know what Kind of teams you are rocking with the new Beerus equip.

P.S. I chose this bench because I felt that Beerus gets enough support with the 3 god ki abilities plus his equip than the saiyans deserved some extra saiyan z tag love.

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I´m actually running almost the same team :sweat_smile:
But I´m using Blue SSJ Goku, only because I don´t have SSJ3 Goku on 5 stars.
It´s not the best team, but still really usable imo. The new equip does Beerus a massive favour.

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Yeah I completely agree
My ssj3 goku isnt 5 star either I just thought he’d be nice to have with the revival of regen.

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Oh yeah completely forgot about his ability. Now I´m hoping to pull him in this Goku Banner :sweat_smile:
However, Broly has been op enough til now :joy:


This is amazing, I got vegeta ssgss, goku ssgss, beerus, zamasu, and last spot will probably be hercule because why not.


I run god goku and vegeta, zamasu, with black, beerus, and perfect cell on bench. Thers no real 6th slot person that really fits this team yet, and cell is just stupid strong, and gets buffed by zamasu and black.
The teams also interchangable to deal with hybrid/future teams.


I dont have ssjg vegeta, so im running a sort of red color counter, goku, god ki hybrid team. Im lucky enough to have kk goku as ssjg goku and beerus all at 5 stars, and red ssj3 goku at 4 stars (gotta love that goku every day banner).

I have a core of:
SSJ3 (RED) Goku

KK Goku
SSJ Vegeta
EX Raditz

Like i said its basically a red team with beerus to counter blues, but i also have the extra option to play a blue if i want to counter a tough green like the mystic gohan or another beerus. KK goku is still more than powerful enough to hang after transformation even without a strong synergy with thus team (at least in terms of receiving bonuses, his synergy with giving bonuses is amazing). After transforming he has a whopping 521k power level which still blows away most units in the game.