Goddess scripture in Saber Wars II

Can anyone tell me how to access Goddess Scripture 1: Sapphire Galaxy’s Genesis?
I’m locked out of Big Blue Tank 1 main mission.
Do I have to clear mission 10 first? But the only free quest I’ve unlocked are Fergus.


do fergus quest like 5 times basically

Most if not all free quests should be replayed 5 times to complete all missions anyway.

Hey, so I’m caretaking for a JP account this week and wanted to try out the remainder of saber wars 2 while I keep up the login streak. Main quest is on Primitive Red Rose 3rd arrow and doesn’t look locked, but trying to play the quest kicks me out after the cut scene repeatedly. The wikia said something about goddess scriptures are needed, but I can’t figure out how to get them. Is there a mission or bouty quest that needs to be done to continue? Has 77/100 missions complete.

could you do it? just like your picture , im stuck in the same place i can only replay one mission and i have bee repleying it 50 times by now i dont dint get a single scripture …on day left and im sad.

well the event ends in 15 hrs and not sure when you’ll see this but

you need to complete the mission that says defeat emiya alter

well demi fett

so complete mission 3

can get those quests by buying the bounties from the shop
110, 180, 320 and demiya is 400


check your missions :S
you should have completed some by now
it should give a godess cripture that will unlock a node

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Finally figured it out when I saw yuri pirates drop the tape in a bounty quest, which finally clued me in on where to look for the rest. 50 more shiny gold arches and I unlock the last bounty quest hiding demyia. Then 400 more for demyia…uuugh. Is there a node that is more efficient at dropping those things? Hoping to avoid apples to finish since not my account, but time is down to the wire.

the ruler node or
all rider node before the final area is the most efficent for artirum drop




whose acc is this anyways

Well need 2 more runs on the ruler node anyway for mission 82. And rulers and riders aren’t issues when farming the artrium because drop CE’s gives you attack boost, so I can almost 3T with face cards :fgo_illya:

It’s wei321’s account. Wasn’t going to have access to technology for about a week. Kinda fun playing JP, but there’s 2 years of servants and CE’s that I don’t recognize and can’t even read the profiles to even determine ST vs AoE, so it’s been a bit of an effective class crap shoot when I don’t see someone from NA.

should make farming for people who cant play a service tbh
but then ill prob actually hate the game kek

who you got
i memorised most servants to know if its aoe or st anyways

ces i cant really help cause same boat on jp and i just stick to using like 20 different ces kek

Those are the only i have to complete , but again i cant do it , the only place i have to farm is the first planet , i ahve replayed and replayed but i cant unlock enything anymore , i cant buy bounties either …damn!

Not required to farm for him at all, I just wanted to try out JP and NA is in a lull anyway. And a shame to leave lore on the table when his inventory is lore-less.

Would take too long trying to read the names. My kana is a bit rusty and I’m hopeless with the Kanji except for a handful. Summer BB was a blast for the king eli quest. Thank goodness for the chance to drain enemy np, otherwise that attempt would have gone down in flames once merlin and waver died. I’m going to have to try for her now.

she has 2 np drain
1 is guranteed
te 2nd is 30%-idk what
(nvm its 10-50% for the 2nd drain jesus)

so yea :grin:
good girl

also man, doing the king eli but not demiya quest

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Now the quest time remaining still says 1 day. That means 1 day plus xx hours, right? That’s how it works in NA. It’s not going to to go from 1 day to end when I expect it to tick over to 23 hrs on down right?

it always ends 12pm my time
andddd its 11pm here…
13 lefts left if its going to end
so no way its ending tmr