Godlike Reflexes: Shield Pulse or DR?

I’m wondering which B-skill ultimately syncs better with Godlike Reflexes, Shield Pulse or another DR skill?

Naturally, foddering a Lyn would maximize fodder with GLR and SPD Smoke. With two DR skills like that, would Shield Pulse’s damage reduction be more effective than a DR B-slot? I know DR has diminishing returns because it’s multiplicative, so at some point, SP’s -5 flat damage has to be the superior option.

In practice, Flayn will also likely be thrown into the equation; but that’s not a guarantee that she will.


So for GR you pretty much need slaying to make it work, and either special spiral or cooldown +1 to make it work.

Either way it can get shut down pretty hard by guard, so the new “Velocity” B skill is an amazing skill to have on a GR unit. Otherwise I would suggest SpSp, as its easy to use and convenient, or NFU because literally everyone needs that nowadays.

As usual, this also depends on what weapon you have/what effects it grants.

If your weapon already has one of the effects listed above, you can easily select another. If it has none, then it comes down to what support you need (NFU is the hardest thing to get support for, and so is easily one of the better choices for B slot).

Precharging honestly isn’t that hard, so shield pulse I feel has very diminishing returns, so unless you plan to use the units only for very short battles, I wouldn’t recommend it (because again, NFU and Null guard are much more important for a build like that)

So, the TLDR is: check your weapon, choose either Velocity or NFU as your B skill.

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Yes, I am aware of how to use GLR in general. I already have it on my Say’ri and am considering it for A!Hilda or Malice, among others (but those are the top two). I know that I need Slaying or CDR (Say’ri uses Darting Breath) and all that. None of that is the problem.

Let’s say that Say’ri gets Carnage Amatsu as her refine (god, I hope so). She’ll have 40% from her sword, 40% from GLR, 40% from Velocity (which mine has) and 40% from SPD Smoke. At that point, surely Shield Pulse would offer more actual damage reduction than having four, possibly five if I include Flayn, full-strength DR effects in play.

Or Malice. If Malice has the 40% from GLR and 40% from SPD Smoke, she may not need her Spurn at all.

Also, whether or not I have the fodder for Velocity or Null-F is an issue. I may have fodder for Null-F, I only have the single Hilda left and I’m planning to keep her. I do, however, still have my free 5* Saber that I can get Shield Pulse from.

Plus, there’s also the hypothetical of getting a Shield Pulse seal, so (for example) Malice could run Null-CDR in her weapon, Null-F in her B, and SP in her S for all of the above. This, however, is hypothetical and I don’t know for sure if we’ll ever see a Shield Pulse seal.

By my math, it should take a single hit of roughly 217 damage for triple-DR to actually match the reduction of double-DR and SP, anything less than that and SP results in more DR than tripling up. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with inequalities, though, so I may well be very wrong.

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With SP being locked at -5 Damage; I can’t remember if DR piercing effects effects SP or not but I don’t think it does, in which case the only time SP is better over say Velocity (which would be the best DR for this) is when the foe has DR piercing since you’d still at least get the -5 damage.


Normally, yes. But I my question is whether DR-Special, DR-B, and DR-C is better than DR-Special, SP, and DR-C, given the diminishing returns of DR stacking.

Like I said to Help, I think it would take a single hit of about 217 premitigated damage before triple-DR starts being more effective than Double-DR and SP. Again, though, my math is rusty.

I’m not accounting for DR-piercing effects here, but I think I talked myself through the initial question in that it seems like Shield Pulse would offer more DR in the B Skill when added on top of two other DR effects.

Talked myself through it and did some math, though it may be faulty. It seems like, for pure Damage Reduction, Shield Pulse is better as a B-Skill when running Godlike Reflexes and SPD Smoke 4.

My math says that it should take a single premitigation hit of 217 damage before triple-DR starts matching Double-DR with Shield Pulse.

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I asked myself the same question, and wondered when DR stacking stops being as useful and has these “diminishing returns”. I know SS is somewhat worth taking over a DR B slot, as you’ll almost always pre-charge it after battle (more often than not), and GR isn’t just DR, it’s also extra damage.

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Somebody ask GVader if GR adds extra damage with Atk res Finish.

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When it comes to that 217 damage
Triple DR
40% 217 = 131
40% 131 = 79
40% 79 = 48

Double DR + SP
40% 217 = 131
40% 131 = 79
79 - 5 = 74

For the base value of a triple DR
40% 100 = 60
40% 60 = 36 (24 DR)
40% 36 = 22 (14 DR)

The 3rd DR still grants more DR than SP’s -5 (this is going off of a 100 damage hit obviously). Even if the foe was going to do 50 damage to you the 3rd DR is still giving you 11 DR. This is why I said that SP is mostly only more effective if the foe has DR piercing.


I’m double-checking my math again, and this time I’m getting a return of about a 79-damage hit (78.125, to be exact) being the tipping point, and now I’m trying to find out where I got my math wrong in the first one, assuming this number is more accurate; because I also ran those numbers individually and they checked out. These number are also checking out, though. Hence, the double-checking.

Either way, that’s still a significant amount of damage that is not an easy target to hit without a special nuke (and sometime even with a special nuke), or triangle advantages, which still leads me to believe that SP would still be a better option for general scenarios when it’s used with GLR and SPD Smoke 4 as opposed to triple-DR.

DR also has diminishing return when you’re already far outspeeding your opponent, so why not go for extra Atk or defenses. :feh_lucyshrug:

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In practice, yes. The entire point of this is to determine whether having that third DR is worth it. If SP out-reduces a DR skill, then there would be better uses for the slot.

Yes, the question was about GLR; but VA also applies to the question.

But the question is null if you can’t get GR off consistently in the first place, which is what my response is getting at.

Because in that case, DR B is better, since you might not always have your special.

What fodder you have also impacts the question, because if you only have one choice, it’s also a moot point.


Like I’d said above. I used GLR as an example because it’s easier to get two DR skills from that single target. I could have used Vital Astra just as easily, but VA’s DR is a bit less, which only strengthened my choice of GLR as the example. Pavise or Aegis could have worked, but are less reliable.

My point is that all those change the answer, because reliability is part of that answer.

The calculations about which is better don’t mean much if you aren’t actually getting the full DR or special consistently, making null guard extremely important.

That only doesn’t matter if you care about the first combat and nothing else.

It’s not part of the answer, though. Just like I’m not factoring in DR-piercing effects, or faster enemies, or debuffs and panics.

So why bother asking a question with no practical gameplay applications then?

Because the question was about which combination offers the highest amount of reduction on its own. If I factor in every single possible combination of skills on both my units and the enemy units while factoring every single existing combination of enemy units and skills, I’d be here all day. It’s far more practical to find a base and adapt as-needed.

Case-in point: I can negate your entire point about Null-F by saying “But what if I had A!Celica?”

And consistency factors into that, unless it’s only for one hit.

For example, the answer for a single round of combat could be different than for two or three rounds of combat, and that information is important in answering the question.

That wouldn’t negate my point at all, but rather embolden it, because then I would very easily say to run Velocity.

For those who like graphs more:

Link for those who want to mess around with it: Graphing Calculator

It takes a lot less damage for a dodge B slot to outperform shield pulse than one would think. Shield Pulse is better than 2 sources of dodge until 20 damage is done before DR kicks in, it is better than 3 sources of dodge until 13 damage is done before all of the DR kicks in. (This is considering the <10 speed)