Gohan, Cell and the lasagna

One day, Chi Chi was making a incredible lasagna for when Goku return to earth. Gohan… always hungry, can’t wait for the lasagna to be done and for his father to return.
Next day, Cell arrives and starts absorbing everyone he has. All of a sudden, Gohan stands in front of him with Trunks by his side. They start fighting.
Gohan takes a break and goes home to eat the lasagna Chi Chi was saving to power up Goku and Gohan when thet re-unite. …

The lasgna is gone!!!

Gohan rushes back to the battlefield to face all opponents and instantly goes from SSJ to SSJ2, shouting: “WHO ATE MY LASAGNA?!?!?!?!”
Trunks calls out: “Cell absorbed that too!!”
Gohan: “Cell, YOU DIEEE!!!” And he fires the Family Kamehameha (Goku helps because Goku is actually Joey Tribbiani from Friends) … Cell is gone.

Trunks laughs and continues eating the lasagna from Chi Chi.

Hehe… that Trunks guy…

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Not what I expected to see lol!

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All thanks to @LazzKwat hahaha

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