Going pure F2P - How many free Originum are there in the whole game? (From first time completion)

Not counting from Events or Apologinium.

Well. You can count almost all of it. Personally not tracked it (also because of log in events rewards and events stages were involved too). But in my first two days I wasted I guess more than 20 OP on pulls before opened the store and saw that there are Pro lvl packs. I bought 2 month cards which makes 12 OP. But I still was able to buy all pro packs and still have 7 OP (also I have 2 unfinished Inferno stages, and 3 challenge mode stages in ch5). So without direct tracking from the start - there are more than 100 free OP I guess.

I’m interested in this.

I’ve tried AL and GFL, and the one thing I liked about them is that they were both F2P and collector friendly (the latter a bit more than the first).

Is it possible at all to get all the starter 6 stars being F2P?

Yeah, it’s possible, if by starter you mean: Exusiai, Siege, Silverash, Angelina, Shining, and Hoshiguma. Actually, uh, I have all of them except for Hoshiguma, and I roughly have 40K of free Orundum I still haven’t spent.

You start with 1 by default, so that brings the question down to “Is it possible to get 5 specific Top Operators as a F2P?” Very doable. After a couple months of playing, you’ll probably see the Top Operator tag in Recruitment, so that’s likely 1 or 2 of them located.

The remainder can be acquired through standard rolling/Certificate purchase if you’re very specifically gunning for them. There’s a few things you can do to make it easier too, like saving up Certificates just for one of them, or trying to reroll until you start with 2.

AK is collector friendly, but getting specific characters can be tough with their 1% pull rate.

On rerolling tho, people usually aim for a double 6*, which isn’t that hard really, and a balanced distribution of operator roles. Triple 6* is possible but that’s a lot of rerolls.

The acct I’m using had a SilverAsh and Angelina for the free roll but the thing that really made me keep it was the Ptiliopsis.

Orundum rly isn’t that hard to get, it’s a matter of planning your spending, as a pure f2p you can’t rly afford to roll on all banners or spend more than what’s necessary to get guaranteed 5/6* if the banner doesn’t have an operator you rly want to have or need to have.

Also never spend ori prime directly on rolls if you’re a f2p, you should always save them up for the packs since they provide best value when it comes to ori prime converting into orundum. Or skins, whatever floats your boat rly