Going the distance

Can I walk my buddy all day to make him excited? Also, should I wait until he’s best buddy before evolving him?

You need 32 “points” to make your Buddy excited so you could walk your buddy for 64km (1 point for every 2km) but obviously that is a lot of walking. There is no reason to wait until your Best Buddies before evolving.

So I’d keep his buddy status if I evolve now?

Buddy status stays regardless of evolution. It will never revert.

You get 3 “points” per 2km for walking

So about 20km of walking then which is still a lot of walking.

You can once he is on the field, but it is a slow process if you’re just getting the points that way. If you’re doing a constant 10km ph it would take 24km (2h 12m) to get excited.

Someone can check the maths on that for me, but remember you lose 1 “point” every 30 minutes)

If you add playing with your buddy, feeding your buddy and doing a trainer battle every 30 minutes you’ll cut that time down a lot

^This, throw them a Berry and play with them every 30-40 mins plus walking he’ll get excited much more quickly. I think this is the thread with the maths on

I’ve been doing that walking for my Bastodion XL candy. Start with three berries, play, take picture and then do a trainer battle with buddy in the party, doesn’t matter if he fights or not, just in the party. Every 30 minutes after that, give him 1 berry, play, take pic, do trainer battle. In theory after you do that 4 times (1.5 hours later) he is excited without walking a single step. Sometimes a bit finicky and takes a 5th time doing it. But it gets there.

For the rest of the day take a picture every 30m to keep him excited.

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