Golden Week 2022: Time to spend some free summons!

25 free summons (plus any other blue orbs) to get more copies of Tatiana? Hell yes :feh_reinyes:

Well… in this regard it didn’t went too well (and it does so for 5 weeks already), but what at least I got one new 5* and some nice premium fodder.

Here are my results:

2x A/D Unity and JHA fodder? Fine, I’ll take it :feh_lucyshrug:

First OG Dimitri as 4* special:

But still no Tatiana, what’s that bulls…


And as a bonus I got Mr Armored Stud Muffin Gatrie who’ll probably end up as fodder

I definitely hoped for more copies, but hey, one merge is better than none, and I got some nice fodder on my way :feh_tobinice:

Time to change A/R Push to A/R Form

Have a nice weekend, and good luck for your summons! :feh_annawink:

I wanna spend a Floret on Tatiana, but couldn’t decide between Atk and Spd… any thoughts about this?

  • Atk
  • Spd

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This is the luckiest I’ve ever been!
But seriously, all I got was an Amelia…
It’s fine… : )


Nice going on the freebies and Tatiana’s looking great.

I had a haul of total garbage (that 5* Swift Sparrow 2 fodder is included in the term) until the last ticket where my favourite Lord got another merge. She’s old and bad outside of her drive breath support but at least it’s something. +4 now.


Screenshots are dumb for me on gp rn so I’ll just show a brigade of the 5* I got.

Also got a Lene merge for +4. I ended up deciding to spark on cyl5 and it really paid off, I got my first gatekeeper, my second marianne, a fem kris for spurn food, a myrrh and 4 FREAKING BRAVE EIRIKAS.
Endes up sparking brave eirika again so she’s now +6 and by far my highest merged 5* exclusive, I still have almost 550 orbs so I’m tempted to keep going but the dorothea hopium is still inflicting me so idk


I got only one B!Hector merge from the tickets but he is the one I wanted the most so that’s fine…

But then I caved because I saw the banners are sparkable and when do we ever get to spark old units? Lol.

So I decided dumping ~230 orbs on the banner and… I CAN’T BELIEVE IT I got all five remaining B!Hector merges.

Finally my first 5* exclusive unit at +10 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:
As a free CYL2 pick he was practically my first 5* unit when I started playing FEH and I still use him all the time. I know I’m being a glue eater right now but I’m super happy lmao. :sunglasses:


These CYL banners feeling like SD top meta units right about now lol.

I got not a single 5*


  • F!Dimitri who is +3 despite never summoning for him.
  • Another Edelgard merge and she is +5. Very happy about this.
  • Eirika who I was planning for fodder but she is + speed and - attack and I am thinking about merging her with my neutral copy and remove the bane.
  • Gatekeeper, in a circle with no blues. I don’t know what to do with this guy. I have already another one and both have the same boon ( + attack)

Overall pretty good but of course I didn’t get anything on cyl 2 despite pulling all blues I saw. I will spark on this banner because my B!Hector is at +8. 18/40 for now.


I’ll wait for my wife to do my free summons so that won’t be for now


I can’t complain!

1x Tsubasa
1x B!Marth
1x Nils
1x Gerik
1x V!Palla

Funnily enough almost every green stone I summoned for was Rath (I got like 7 copies of him).
Unfortunately no B!Ike or B!Ephraim (Both at +7)



It took me just that much to get the last copy of him… YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!


I’d go Atk/Res OR Atk/Spd on Tati
Spd/Res is awkward to me


I know :feh_faedance2:
I spent two times ~250 orbs on his revival banners for one freaking copy each so I didn’t want to merge him anymore actually. I’m glad I wasn’t baited by the two back to back revival banners that just came out.


My luck being how it is usually :upside_down_face:

I only got a Sonya so that’s kinda pain but I’ll live


Finally got the last 2 merges.
Got a Nagi, spark Dim, and got the last one some orbs After.
Spent 200 orbs or so.

Now, i expect a good refine in few months.

Next goal : finishing Thorr and Peony !

PS : got lucky with the free tickets !

Merge one Bike, merge B-Camilla.
And a bunch of Orochi, now at +8 !


Well this Golden Week went exactly the same as last year’s

Not one Focus unit, but one off focus green nuke with good IVs and one colorless 4 Star Special. Last year I got Shamir and Genny, this year it’s Jill and Nina.

Jill is +Spd -Res so I’m keeping her this time (last one I got was Tsubasa food). Another handy thing to have during those PoR RB weeks



What I wanted: B Lucina, B Micaiah, B Hector.

What I got:

At least I got some 5 stars this year compared to last time.


Didn’t get anything in my first 9 summons, then pulled four 5-star in my next 10. All of them with bad IV, but they will all be used as merges (Alm now +4, Ephraim now +5) or fodder. Pretty happy with the end results.


No tickets yet, but got a merge for Brave Micaiah on her banner’s free summon.

If any orbs are going to be spent, it’ll be for Close Reversal fodder for PRaphael.


Tickets + 12 orbs on the CYL 5 banner:

Not too bad, all things considered. I’ll probably drop a few more orbs on the CYL 5 banner looking for my last B!Eirika, but most of these units will be useable fodder or in the case of Bownoka moving forward with a long-term project