Gonna take another break

Ey guys, Shield here. Nothing major lately, I just wanted to say that I think I’m gonna take another break from Heroes. Interest has severally died, I don’t think I’ve opened it for 3 days straight and I’ve had no interest since I got F!M!Corrin. I just don’t feel the drive again, same on here. I haven’t checked or interacted on here for a bit. So I’m gonna take another break, that’s all.
So yeah. Peace. See you guys when I see ya. I’ll come back in a bit or when a banner pieque’s my interest :feh_catria:


That’s alright, I think we (or at least most year 1 players) all needed a break from the game at some point. :feh_catria: I hope you get some more time to relax on yours. See ya!


I’m mean yeah, I’m the same as shield, I’ve had less interest, but this ain’t about me.
Take your time, heroes isn’t dead yet so yeah take a break, we’re here for you, will help

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why do people still feel the need to publicly announce a break…
just take a break…


Just in case people wonder where we are :feh_legion:


just make sure you log on for 5 seconds to get your 3 orbs every day; you’ll come back to a neat little stash of like 30 orbs


Ok Shield, see you in a bit :feh_flaynsmile:



Haha, I already deleted it :feh_legion:


Out of sight, out of mind.


I feel you, FEH has been really stagnant lately, and I’ve since picked up Arknights, and I’ve gotta say, despite my initial skepticism (waifu collector TD and whatnot), I’ve really grown to like the game design of it.

I’ve more or less stopped caring about optimising my units in FEH (not the hardcore optimising mind you, just basic things like placing skills in all slots and equipping seals).
Rolling for new units are the only fun things I find in FEH right now, but I can’t be bothered to train them up after I’ve gotten them. 7 of my new 5* units are still lvl 20.

There just isn’t much to do, their events are boring, quests are annoying (especially the 3 heroes quest where I have to train up a 3-4* unit just to clear it), and banners don’t bring that much excitement to me like it used to because the game just feels stale now.

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