Good Bonus doubler user

Hello everyone ! I managed to pull a Nah not too long ago, and I was wondering who to give bonus doubler too. Do you guys have any suggestion ? Should I just keep her ? She seems like a pretty good unit, but I have Idunn and H!Myrhh so not sure how useful she would be… I was thinking of giving it to Tharja, she is my best red mage and I use her for almost every abyssal maps.
On the side note, how does this skill work exactly ? If the unit has a visible +7 in Atk, does this mean she get an other invisible +7 ? Does is take other “invisible buffs” into account ?
Thanks for your help as always guys :) !


Uh Fjorm, L!Marth, any bladetome unit if you want overkill, any unit that uses all their stats and I think maybe Arthur? Those are the ones off the top of my head


Hypertanks with DC weapons


I don’t have anyone like that unfortunatly :( I guess I better hold on to Nah for now then

Didn’t see these at first




Don’t have L!Marth, and i don’t use Fjorm enough to justify giving her such a premium skill on her :( . But thanks for the suggestions !

Somewhat ironically, Nowi can use it well.


Laevatein seems destined for a skill like Bonus Doubler, same with bladetome users, since their effectiveness is much more diminished without positive visible buffs anyway. Also Astram if utilizing his Prf. Or really, any of your favorite heroes that rely on tons of visible buffs and want to tank or murder everything.

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looool that would be a fun thing to do then :D But I didn’t build her at all so it wouldn’t be worth it I think :(

Good units with DC weapons, pretty much. I use it on Sothis and she’s a beast.


Thanks for your input guys ! I don’t really have a unit with a DC weapon that I use for now, so I’ll just keep this Nah safe (for now…:feh_doublelion:)

Yeah I have like 4 Nahs lying around and nothing to do with them at the moment

Kinda depressing lol

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I made a similar question not so long ago here. There are some good advices and a lot of general advices. Read it if you want. Or…

TL;DR: Astram and L!Marth are excellent with that skill. Give Marth BD3 and Rouse Atk/Def and he will nuke anyone (if there are no penalties, remember BD works with field buffs).
Astram is a solid option too since while he is above 50% he will be activating his weapon (which adds +4 to all stats), so that is a permanent +8 to everything. And he’s a GHB unit so free copies + grail shop.
The rest is pretty general, like here is (go with bladetome/DC weapon!).

Hope this helps you

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I use nah frequently…without bonus doubler because distant counter is better.

The problem with this ability is that it is usually overkill and also takes up the A slot. Stuff like Tharja is already killing everything she touches anyway, bonus doubler just makes her kill it more.

I’d use it on something bulky with DC built into their weapon and that’s about it.

Like many people Said, Heroes with bladetome use it very well.
Here’s mine:

Ofc you can also use it on Heroes with Distant Counter weapons, but unless you like/merge them I prefer bladetomes.

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Any time the game says “bonuses” it is referring to visible buffs. So yes, a unit with +7 spec from L!Azura would gain an additional +7 spec during combat.
So yeah, your Tharja would do extremely well with it, allowing her to get as much as +42 atk during combat.
+7 visible to the atk, +7 from bonus doubler, and +28 from the bladetome(not to mention the obvious +14 to spd/def/res from buffs and BD)

Stay away from bladetomes. If their visible buffs get cancelled or pushed into the negative, that’s both your weapon and A skill made useless. Stick with someone who has an inherent DC weapon (Fjorm, Ike, L!Roy, etc.) I can’t explain how annoying it is to find a +10 Fjorm in Aether Raids who’s buffed twice from the Mythics, and has 40’s across the board BEFORE buffs and double buffs. How do you get through a Fjorm with an effective 50/50/50/50 with glacies and QR3?.. No, it’s not rhetorical, I’m legit asking.


As someone who uses +10 BD Fjorm on offense

IP teams (but I gave her Pulse Smoke so that shouldn’t be a problem now), Panic users, Bold Fighter armors, forced undoubles such as Sturdy Impact


Ice Breath Fjorm is the only Fjorm fight me Usher

It’s okay to use bad sets

Just know I will judge you