Good dancer?

Hey all, Just looking for opinions on good dancers other than azura and peony that can give great buffs to my team? Is dancing Ishar any good?

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Post or describe the team, more information leads to better suggestions.

And yes, Soiree Ishtar is a good dancer. How good of a dancer pick she is depends on the rest of the team versus your dancer options, but she’s a good dancer to have nevertheless.


Depends on what you’re asking for.

Other than L!Azura and Peony, Mira is a good dancer for support, trading buffs for debuffs.

Some dancers can do combat fairly well. S!Ishtar, S!Rein are some good examples. Silvia can make an alright galeforcer.

D!Sigurd is cav and his duo skill is nice to have. He’s one of the best out there imo.


well my teams generally follow a certain pattern where I have a tank, a dancer who gives buffs, and mage who nukes, and a healer for buffs and support. I also include 1 mythic or legendary character in my team. I’m looking to make a third team with dimiri as the tank, and I was thinking thrasir as the nuke and mythic.

an example of one of my teams is B ike, peony, ophelia and B veronica. So i’d like to try and find a good dancer for my third team


Huh, related to your B!Dimitri question.

It should work great, honestly. Cav healers are easily obtained and you have 2 infantry and a flier for easy tactics buffs if needed. Thing I like about Soiree Ishtar is that her brave weapon and offensive statline means you can opt for stuff like a breaker skill instead of desperation and see her demolish trouble units you need to cover. Slap on GtomeBreaker or Axebreaker and she becomes a reliable green check for Dimitri.

Mira synergizes better with Thrasir though.

cool thanks dude :), say if I had both mira and thrasir on my tem would dimiti get both theyre stat boons if he has their blessing?


No. Just in AR.

cool thank you :)

D-Eldigan is great too. Flying unit so access to ground orders and stuff like that. Free (grail) unit, easy merge. AND awesome defense to Say NO to Mila.
This unit is really sexy

Babyzura is also interesting : infantry (pretty good in IP team, Access to infantry locked skills), personal Weapon (not Bad). Can be used in arena with G-duel in the A slot…

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I second D!Eldigan. He’s great on a dark team because of Mila being a light season threat. He’s got gen 5 bst too so he holds his own in combat better than some other dancer options

Reyson is a good option for a well rounded dancer :feh_birbpeek:
Decent all-around stats, and a weapon that gives passive healing to everyone within 2 spaces of him. He probably won’t be able to transform much in a mixed team, so the 3 movement would be more of a side bonus rather than something significant. :thinking:


Eldigan is a fantastic tank and dancer. Servers pretty well with some tank/supporting skills. His lance pairs fantastically with guard bearing. While he won’t be able to buff like Azura he can be used to soak attacks and hit back with bonfire/ignis/etc.

Silvia is also a great IP support dancer and can slap back with iceberg and take a hit as well. May be a better fit if looking for infantry. Also really easy to merge and saves grails.

Rafiel will forever be amazing as well. 60 damage glacies bombs are just too enticing to me. He’s unavailable atm tho


I’m surprised no one mentioned Mirabilis. When it comes to support she plays in a league with Azura and Peony for sure. She doesn’t offer mobility as the other two do but she buffs and debuffs so heavily just by dancing that she can turn any battle in your favor. I think also outside of AR-D Astra season she is a consistently good dancer.

Like the 3rd reply was about Mira…

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Masquerade people are pretty good, soirée ishtar kut and rein are good, pa!azura

They were just stating in one side comment that Mira synergizes with Thrasir. But yeah the name was dropped once :man_shrugging:

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Ok…I might’ve misread that comment…whoops!

well I mean nobody mentioned Mira in like the second comment

But yeah Mira is good

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all of them

says the girl who has every dancer minus 3.