Good F2P fire katana


I’ve been using Mikoto ever since I started a few weeks ago, and I want to make him better.

I already have a 3* Fire katana, but I’m unsure which 4* one would be good, especially since they both remove the Vulcan wave attack the 3* katana has.

Any advice would be appreciated. Some team building advice could also be nice. Thanks! :grin:


Well, I know it may seem like a long way to go, but an adventurer like Mikoto really deserves a 5* 3rd tier weapon. I have 12 nat5s and the only ones I have bothered to build a 5t3 weapon for are ones I’m planning on using for the advanced dragon trials. The mats are hard to come by, but you’ll feel a lot better once you start progressing towards that end game content.

Teamwise you’ll get most 4*s you need as you start to pull on banners. Try to complete every event and get all the goodies. You’ll have more than enough mana and gold as time goes by. Unless an event has a devastating status ailment you need to protect against, you can get away with your best adventurers + a healer in most raid content. I have a 20k + might team and I don’t mind running with whoever, whenever. The only time you should get Noped is in advanced dragon trials (most of the time).

Just have fun. Use your materials wisely, always feed your dragons, and finish events. You’ll be progressing towards HMS with Mikoto in no time!!


A good 4* Katana to begin with for Mikoto will be Blazing Steel, the void weapon katana. It doesn’t require too many mats or cost too much rupees wise. It also will enable you to farm Void Zephyr to eventually get to the five star void katana Skyrender. This will allow you to have the required starting stats and do good damage in High Midgarsomer. Like the void 4* it doesn’t cost too many mats or cost as much rupies-wise as well making it easier to fully unbind and very much F2P accessible. Plus if you enjoy Mikoto you’ll get to have a lot more playtime with him farming a fight meant for fire units to farm for his weapon :slight_smile:


As others have suggested, the best way to progress is the following:

Passively build the Void 4* weapon.

Slowly progress towards the 5* T3 flame katana.

As another note, do void dungeons and buy the monthly materials for upgrading weapons! This makes the grind much more feasible for all players and in a few months when you’ve made the 5* flame katana (much less time if you focus), you’ll be able to immediately limit break it a couple times! With event rewards, it may be possible to MUB it right off the bat!

(I personally did this with Nefaria after farming the New Year dungeon a ton for 5* weapon mats!)

Good luck!