Good in main series, bad in Go

I used to collect Pokémon cards and watched the TV show up until gen 4, but I never actually played any main series games. Are there any Pokémon who are really good in the main games but got gyped in Pokémon Go? I can kinda tell some legendaries that just suck in Go like Ho-Oh or Deoxys Normal.

Technically everything that is just a little inferior to the top contender of their type is considered bad, with a couple exceptions usually involving rarity issues. Including any defensive legendary, Pokemon with bad moves and a couple of Pokemon that aren’t really bad (like Tyranitar and Latios) but are just hopelessly outclassed by other Pokemon with superior stats and moves.

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Poison in general…YES I KNOW, it’s not THE GREATEST, but it is missing almost all it’s advantages in go. Truth be told I just want my Nidoking to be great again…and it’s a :100: with Fury Cutter…


Yeah, Poison needs a little more love…Hopefully Eternatus gets good moves, but not like it’s gonna be released any time soon…

Smeargle, shedinja and a lot of pokemon with gamechanging abilities. Ninjask is a nice baton passer but it is useless here. Slaking is even more useless in Pogo than it is in the main games :sneezing_face:

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There is one that was an absolute staple in the main series, but sees little use in Go, and that’s Deoxys. All of it’s formes (though Defense is great in PvP) are absolute garbage here, and that’s simply because there is no speed here. And their movesets suck too - Psycho Boost is horrible in PvE.

Pretty much every pokemon that had a huge speed stat hasn’t been treated well in Go, except for Mewtwo

And yeah Shedinja needs that ability


What about the opposite? Pokemon that are terrible in the main series but much more useful in Go?

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Azu, Azu, Azu, Azu, Azuazuazu, Azumarill!

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I loved to get myself a Starmie in the MSG, high speed and great coverage, awesome to finish NPC’s fights quickly. Was sad to find out that it sucks in Go :cry:


Yeah that makes sense. Pokémon go has such limited and specific mechanics so attackers are the only valuable mons in PvE whereas defensive Pokémon are great at PvP. If they don’t fall into either category or don’t have the right moves, they’re kinda screwed lol.

Oh, that’s a perfect example of a Pokémon with great utility in MSG which is limited in Go…Granted it would feel a little bit better at least if Hidden Power wasn’t trash.


Staraptor comes to mind atm. In the MSGs, it‘s great Pokémon, hits hard, has good speed, and good abilities. Ain‘t that hot in Go though (although, the Brave Bird buff made it quite usable)

Azumarill might not be that useful in general playthroughs but with sufficient egg move working a Belly Drum/Aqua Jet Azumarill with Huge Power could easily sweep opposing teams. It’s among the best Pokemon for competitive Pokemon scenes, so I wouldn’t say it’s terrible in main series.

Looking at the PvP scene, Medicham and Altaria were pretty garbage in the MSGs as well until their Megas came along. Stunfisk (and its Galarian form) weren’t that useful as well, not to mention barely anyone would ever use Dewgong and Meganium in the later MSGs.