Good inheritable lances for Melady?

While I was summoning on the Halloween banner the other say, I ended up getting my first Melady as a pity-breaker and she had arguably perfect traits with +Atk, -Res.

Some good lances I can think of include Gilt Fork, Guard Lance, basically anything that increases her Atk and Def. Unfortunately I don’t have Flowing Lance to give her, so that option is out.

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If it’s atk and defense you want I see no real reason to replace the Instant Lance she comes with.

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Unless you want to use her on EP/MP, but yah her base weapon is fine as otherwise


Benny’s lance (steadfast) is interesting. You get Atk/Def +5 and neutralizes penalties.

Also Gatrie’s from the manuals (special cooldown charge +1)

Courtly candle to reduce damage

Luckily you have some really good options


Courtly is not super useful on fast units like Melady as its DR is dependant on you getting doubled, so it’s only a bit of insurance against some forced follow ups; otherwise Gilt Fork/Steadfast Lance and Candy Cane are much better

Generally, Flowing Lance, Gilt Fork/Steadfast Lance, Candy Cane, and maybe Spirited Spear would be my recommendations

Her Instant Lance ain’t bad either unless you’re using a mostly EP build


I mean… she has a base 33 Spd so she’s not the fastest

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Huh, I swear she was faster than that, but you are right

My mistake is probably because she has much higher Spd than Altena or Travant, the only sword/lance/axe fliers that rival her in Def while still packing enough Spd for Wyvern Flight

I still think Courtly is better on a slower unit with mixed bulk, IMO, because most of what will double her are mages that strike her awful Res (and will likely shred her on the second hit) or swords that will bounce off her except for their specials

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Spirited is good for EP build where you need the special to kill the unit initiating on you, I used this one before getting Flowing.

Gilk fork and Benny’s lance are alright but the conditions is kinda iffy if you want to keep her base A skill.

Stick with an EP build, you’ll need premium skills and weapon to hope to double enemies, or get a +Spd Melady and Spd refine.

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You can always keep her with her base kit and if you happen to need wyvern flight and atk/def solo 4 you have the fodder :smiley:

Melady is not a great unit to be honest

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If it’s attack and defense you care about, there’s also Trident+ and Shellpoint Lance+ from this year’s summer banner.

I did get an extra one as a pity-breaker, so I have that copy.