Good Marthcina build? Advice please

I’ve had a +10 Marthcina for a bit now, running a bond build. Since sealed falchion refine is insane, I thought I would update her, since I like the character (easier to build than Lucina) and I have a critical component.


Basically the I can take darting breath along with repel, but I know there are better options. Now DC is obviously great, but I don’t have as much fodder for that as I would like, so I want some other options. If I do this I will also fruit to +spd.

Another question: is NFU worth it over repel DR? I can do that if so.

  • Repel DR
  • NFU

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So to summarize: A skill suggestions other than DC and DR or NFU? If you have other builds, please suggest them as well.


Here’s what I did with mine:


What I plan to do with mine:

Still deciding on a Special and a C slot.

Regardless, with the effect from Sealed Falchion keeping her from getting doubled; she may not be able to double in return in some instances, but with DR in her slot, and maybe Noontime for a special or something, she should still be able to sustain pretty well in most circumstances, so I’m gonna vote for DR.


You can functionally run NFU by just chucking QR on, unless there’s something like wary fighter Duma or whatever, you don’t have to worry about follow up guarantees (since fe stops them and goes to a spd check which fe should win), or follow up denial (at least on EP, with QR canceling impacts, once again going to spd check).

So yeah, DR > NFU for fim :feh_birbpeek:


Alright, so DR is pretty clearly winning over NFU, which is fine.

Which brings me to my other question: is DC absolutely necessary, or are there other good A skills I could run. I do have the fodder, but not a lot of it, and I would like to maybe branch out in builds a little.


If you intend to use her as an AR carry, then yes, DC is 100% needed (unless you have a Far Save user to handle the ranged foes) I gave it to my Chrom and have zero regrets

For PvE type purposes, though, DC is extremely helpful, but not entirely necessary. There are times where I wish my Itsuki had DC (for instance, I haven’t been able to do a TMS clear on Fernand GHB map because of no DC and my sole ranged unit being too squishy) but you can manage without

I won’t discuss Arena because she needs R Duel Infantry 4 for optimal scoring


AR was not my primary concern; too much stuff I would need NFU or NCD for to bring her.

I might still give her DC in the end, since it’s clearly her best skill, but I was just looking to see what other alternate suggestions there were. I think I only have 2 DC fodder at the moment, so very expensive for me.


This is my Marth. I don’t have any kind of super deep analysis about this build. I tend to just kind of think about what skills the character would have in universe and Marth is pretty distant from everyone so solo and rouse skills came to mind especially with the refine. I would prefer spurn or at least close call to repel but it’s what I had. My build is not perfect at all but it works for me haha hope this helps at all


Ultimately I did go with the DC build, with brazen def/res in the seal cause most of the other stuff is in use.