Good new unit banners

Just a general thing, but…

I really like the banners lately.
After so long, we finally got a torrent of new characters.
Gerik, Tethys, Sirius, Valbar, Cormag, Percival.
Some of the characters I liked in the game for very long.

Not to mention the 3-4* system and the general improvement of spritework.

That aside, some prime fodder as well. Firesweep and rearguard axes, dull close, barrier lance, short bow.

Not perfect ofc, Nagi and Ephraim are way too strong and I fear Percival will not stand out from B!Eliwood/Dimitri/Sirius
And Ross kinda flexes a bit too much over Gerik.

But really, I like what IS has been doing with the banners. Now, give us some more content to use these units. Don’t screw up book IV


Wholeheartedly agree, these banners have been great lately. :feh_arvisboneappetite:

The good outweighs the bad in my opinion, I just hope this keeps going.



These recent banners have been nice.

Tho. Not much has intrigued me recently, even if we got an Echoes banner. Valbar tho. :feh_arvisboneappetite:

Still trying to save orbs for particular individuals and fodder. That DC Banner and that Mythic banner both glare at me. :eyes:


They did great job, Valbar is a bit too bad for 3-4* unit tho, but people who wanter unit for scoore now can merge him instead of Eliwood


:fgo_badciv: :feh_hecmad: :feh_royyes:


Am i wrong tho? IS literally copypasted Gwendolyn’s statline, if only they used Effie’s as base :feh_juliamad:


Both Gwendy and Val have better bulk tho. So why Effie.


I don’t like the banners because I don’t know hardly any of the units released in the past couple months nor do I have any attachment to them. And I don’t really like what IS is doing because they’re just shafting in new unit after new unit and nothing new or worth playing to even try them out in. What’s the point of summoning these new units for me when the game itself feels dry and lifeless to me?

Not to be a downer, but FEH has been rolling further and further out of my interests for a while now. If Book 4 doesn’t breathe new life into this game, I’ll likely quit for good because right now I’m clinging to a thread of hope in Book 4.

I’m glad people are pleased by the additions of the game. But thus far, IS has been working against my interests and it’s very tiring.


I mean…

I would imagine adding uninterest would prompt you to save some orbs for what you want.

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Mans is typing an essay over here.


The best thing that’s happened since Ross was introduced. :eyes:



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Bc brave lance and WF set up, or BF and galeforce, for those builds you need atk more than def/res, while 5*+10 Effie has enough def at 38 and 30 res with a boon.
On the second thought they gave him workable speed stat at 5*+10, so that’s something, if speed boosting weapon becomes a thing he will be able to run special fighter decnetly well.

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Best thing is that the axe is on the obvious demote unit.

Hell, Haar isn’t a bad unit for it.
And I’ll likely put it on Gerik and S!Innes when I can.

Btw, Valbar is a Gwen with better atk. But I bet Gwen will get a refine.


What if you aren’t using those builds? :feh_tooobin:

Sometimes, a unit needs bulk more than they do Atk. It’s a matter of what you’re running. You can never have too much bulk.

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That’s all fine and good but it means nothing to summon for units when I can’t play with them

I do feel like Arena and Aether Raids are a lot more fun if you just go in casually.

But yeah, Book IV needs to give a core gameplay mode more than anything else


It’s a little overwhelming for me since they’ve been releasing quite a few units that I love training up and using in F.E(norne,gerik,igrene and echidna)and not enough orbs for me to get them all right away.I just finished gerik,I’m still waiting on merges for norne,now echidna and Igrene is here with busted skills :worried:.

Sees my 28 orbs :sob:

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They just feel like a general waste of game data to me. I go into both modes casually and don’t really get much from them.

Like you said, my hope is for Book 4 to add a new core game mode that isn’t cancerous like AR or have as terrible a scoring system as Arena. If they can do that, my investment in this game will hit a peak again