Good offensive Lewyn build?

Anyone know a good offensive speed build for Lewyn? I have a +spd one that I’m grinding up.

Honestly, his base kit. Lewyn has like 0 flexibility in his kit at all.


Not really hard to build an offensive Lewyn considering his base kit pretty much does that anyway.

I’m still amazed how quickly people reply.

So you think I should just stick with the basic Lewyn?

Pretty much. Lewyn is not a flexible unit. If you want to keep him effective then his base kit is arguably the best with very minor, if any, tweaks.

You could do Dragon Fang with Flashing Blade seal, I guess?

Okay. That sounds like a plan. First duplicate 5 star. I wanted no wasted potential. Thanks for the help.

You could give him Life and Death instead if you really wanna maximize his offenses


You can give him Blazing Wind. With Special Spiral, Life and Death, Flashing Blade Seal this becomes pretty nasty to deal with.

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Null Follow-Up is great on him as he can bypass skills like Wary Fighter, Thunder Armads or Great Flame which would otherwise give him a lot of trouble.

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Why was your first comment flagged?

No idea.

Moving back to the main topic, Lewyn’s main playstyle is to capitalise his weapon. So his base kit is alrd more than stellar.

But, if u want to try to put some variants into him for some stupid reason, go with Dragon Fang and Flashing Blade. Special Spiral will trigger DF to reach cooldown 2, and Flashing Blade will grant him DF on his second attack.

I have the basic build but what if he had desperation so he always hit twice in a row?

Well you CAN do that but it’s pretty pointless as ideally Lewyn shouldn’t be getting counterattacked at all. He already comes with Special Spiral so he should just be killing enemies with little risk to himself thanks to Forsetti. His main counters are the rare Hardy Bearing (which Desperation won’t help with) and stuff that blocks his doubles, such as Wary Fighter and Great Flame.

As stated before, Lewyn doesn’t have a lot of flexibility and his base kit is already great. The only tweaks he’d like are Life and Death, a different special, and possibly Flashing Blade depending on your choice of special. Lewyn makes good use of AoEs and can be like a green Ophelia with them.

You could give him null-followup and flashing blade seal, which would make him better at dealing with wary fighter effects, though he’d be worse off against hardy bearing since his special would be triggering on the second attack rather than the first.

The aoe build is great for pve and rival domains, but probably not so much in AR since he’d lack hardy bearing + die to vantage (unless you put flashing blade in his A slot, which hurts his dmg potential) and you’d need to jump through considerable hoops to get his special precharged. Its still a really good (and inexpensive) build for other content though

Heres mine