Good Seal for Thrashir?

So, I pulled a very lucky and amazing Thrashir! But… I’m unsure of what seal to give her. I have some ideas, but I would like some help narrowing it down:

  • Chill Speed (even though it’s not fully upgraded), because Killing Intent works like Desperation, if she attacks a unit that has a negative status on them.

  • Chill Atk 3 (for the same reasons as Chill Speed)

  • Phantom Speed (even though it’s not fully upgraded), because she has Flashing Blade 4 and

  • Swift Sparrow (it’s an upcoming seal, in the next tempest trial!! I’m more leaning towards this seal)
    What’s a good seal for her?

A couple months ago I would have said definitely sturdy blow since she is so fast, esp. with a spd boon, but nowadays you can’t really have too much for her role. Swift sparrow is best, but if it’s reserved for someone else…with a spd boon I’d say toss up between sturdy blow and darting blow.

Swift Sparrow if you can run Chills elsewhere.

The new SS seal

Meant to reply to the original poster :joy:

Agreed. Swift Sparrow it is :3