Good start(oh god)

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First circle and now I go for a better iv Micaiah and grab my free Alm. How is it going for all of you? Its only taken like 60 orbs and I have them all ahhhh! With a +def -atk F!Byleth too


Congrats ! That insane luck !
Idk if I will spend a lot of orbs on this banner >_<"

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I was glad that i pulled Micaiah in 40 Orbs. I think i have to sacrifice some goat in the next time.

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Pulled a +Spd/-Hp B!Camilla in 20 orbs :eyes:


Pulled a B Veronica and Velouria as pitybreakers. Can‘t be really sad about that. I hate Camilla anyway. ^^

Congrats on your pulls. ^^



I don’t know if she has a Hp super flaw though…

She does sadly but at least you hit 40 base spd :nini:

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You mean 50 Spd :feh_rein:

That’s amazing! I got micaiah in 45 orbs. Got camilla for free. I am done. Going to quit while i am ahead

The only thing that I obtain was Eliwood of 4* and the free Brave Eliwood

I’m glad some people good pulls I was not so lucky…

…this is worse than last year’s.

Just as I expected. With only 80 orbs and snipping on green. May the goddess of luck smile at all of us.

Oh god.
You poor boy.

I need to definitely sacrifice some goats now. All of your luck is insane.

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Didn’t summon on the B! Heroes banner bc reasons.

But I did get 4 Flier Ninos and 1 SM Eirika for 300 orbs.

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WOW. That’s luck! <3

Jeez… thats hard to watch. Also welcome back to GP dude :slight_smile:

@xLochnessa welp, at least u can feel btr now

60 orbs and still nothing I’m at 4%

Hhahahaha. I wish you good luck too.