Good team for battle villa without full recovery... and how to do it

Like it says.
Aiming for that achievement next time…

Leon, Sycamore and Skyla/Serena. Leon is great in Battle Villa because of his ability to burn to reduce damage, and that he has a passive called MP rekindle 2. This can refresh his MP in battles which is very important. He also has access to Earthquake with Burst In that allows him to sweep earlier stages in Battle Villa.

Another good sync pair is Sycamore, being able to live forever with Horn Leech.

When I cleared this month’s BV, I used my 2/5 Skyla. Her potions are very useful.

I heard Serena was a nice pick because she could make the opponents sleep and unable to attack. Palkia is good because of Critical Focus.

For the earlier rounds, give Leon Burst In and earthquake tiles on his grid. This will sweep the opponents easily. When they become stronger, use Inferno and his trainer move to destroy them. Get all of the mp recover and health recover treats on early stages, you can use them while still getting the badge. I suggest picking up 3-4, and then getting the lucky cookies on the rest. When you are low on health, reset until Sycamore’s trainer move’s mpr procs and heal off of that.