Good teams for ho-oh event

Any and all suggestions welcome.

Tests with my Milotic show that at L105, without an SpAtk buff from someone else and without promotion, sync grids etc, Mirror Coat cannot one-shot the Vileplume by countering its Hyper Beam. And even if you get a SpAtk buff in, and you one-shot the Vileplume, you basically only have one shot at landing a Whirlpool on Ho-Oh, good luck with 85 accuracy and Pokey Trap will only activate once which is stupid. Just don’t use Milotic.

As for real teams, the Charizard - Salamence - Rotom is the go-to one. You have 2 options:

  1. Take out the Vileplume with a single Blast Burn out first so that you don’t have to deal with its insane Hyper Beam and Giga Drain later on. (even though you most likely won’t need to)
  2. Focus all attacks on Ho-Oh. If you go the classic way of Heat Waving everyone you will most likely fail. After that take out Rapidash and Vileplume before they take out Charizard.

Remember to use at least one “Hard to Starboard” before Ho-Oh’s Fire Impact to maximise your chances of winning. Solarize helps your Charizard too. The 2 supports will most likely faint before winning but Charizard should be able to tank a hit or 2 from Rapidash, who has higher Sp.Def and is likely to survive a Heat Wave after Ho-Oh is down (Vileplume usually directly gets one-shot).


My Garchomp and Charizard comps on Gamepress eat this event alive since they can cancel or take advantage of the weather respectively.

Because hyper beam and solar beam OHKO pretty much everything on ultrahard (rotom and dusknoir only just survive) I rely on endure to cheaply and reliably take hits, I find it far more reliable than raw power alone.

I use pikachu (1st target), metagross (2nd target), charizard (3rd target). The way I play it is start buffing charizard and throwing out thundershocks (likely to paralyze ho-oh as a bonus if you have your grid right). when pikachu cops a hyper beam alternate between healing pika and spamming heat wave as rapidash will send out weak moves then buying you more time. Sync move is used by metagross, then meta can set endure with best there is. Spam heatwave until the side teams die (only takes about 3 but I have grid maxed for it) and then blast burn. Metagross will cop the solar beams and can use bullet punch if you get the chance.

This method hasn’t failed me once since I got the order right.

I used Charizard (lv. 3), Masquerain (lv. 2), and Pikachu (lv. 5). At the start of the battle, before the enemy uses WoW, I use Infestation for chip damage and have the other two set up. Before Vileplume uses Hyper Beam, I have Masquerain use “Just Fantastic!” and have a Potion ready for after the Hyper Beam hits. Pikachu has MP Refresh on Potion, so Pikachu focuses mainly on healing while Charizard attacks with Heat Wave spam until the side Pokemon die. Assuming that I keep up my inputs, Masquerain should keep Burn damage to a minimum, Pikachu will keep the meter charged with Gauge Refresh Thundershocks, and Charizard will kill Vileplume before the second Hyper Beam. It is possible to beat it with Flint replacing Red, but in this run, both Masquerain and Infernape were Sync Level 2 and Pikachu was maxed out. The only one with upgraded potential was Pikachu at 5 stars and no 5-star power ups.

If you get the Brave Bird cycle, do not use a move after Ho-oh uses a sync move. Take out the Vileplume first and try to take out Rapidash next while it has an attack queued up. The perfect moment will be after the first Solarbeam. If you did things right, Masquerain will take the first Solarbeam, Rapidash will be dead before its attack, and the sun will fade right as Ho-oh queues the third Solarbeam and miss another turn.

1Milotic - 2Rotom - 3Charizard (for the main grinding)

I have done it so many times that I could tell it step by step:
Step 1: Milotic’s support skill, which then reflects Burn to the left dog.
Step 2: Rotom’s Breathtaking (to Char), cuts SM counter to 5 (may or may not refresh depending on your sync grid, but it doesn’t matter as you wouldn’t need to use it again.)
Step 3: Char’s drastic stat buff. Counter at 4 (without propulsion)
Step 4: Milotic’s Mirror coat. (May or may not take out plant thing on right, may or may not consume Endure effect.) Counter at 3.
Step 5: Rotom’s X Sp. Atk All. (May or may not refresh, either way you wouldn’t need to have more than 2.)
Step 6: Char’s Heat Wave. Ensures that right plant thing dies if it didn’t from Mirror Coat, and left dog gets damaged enough. Can cause Burn to Ho-oh.
Step 7: Milotic’s Whirlpool. Bind damage = ~1.2k once. (Accuracy reaches 95, 85 base + 10 from the grid. Which is totally easy to get to.) SM should be up after this (all without Propulsion. But even then, I follow the steps regardless if Propulsions get activated to be safe). At this point, Milotic may or may not be dead. Earthquake or Brave bird will kill, but they already did their job.
Step 8: Char’s SM (I have their SM deal about 1.1k-1.2k). Crit rate +1 (2 now)
Step 9: Rotom’s X Sp. Atk All. Char’s Sp. Atk. gets to +6.
Step 10: Char’s Blast Burn on Ho-oh.
Step 11: Whatever you want to do with Rotom at this point, but it’s safe to not use Thunder. Dog gets to Fire charge, Ho-oh SM.
Step 12: Blast Burn. Ho-oh Solarbeam. (May or may not miss Rotom because of Passive), Bind damage (Burn too, if applicable)
Step 13: Regardless of whether Rotom dies or no, BLAST BURN Ho-oh until it faints out of exhaustion.
Step 14: At this point any 3-gauge move will do and dog dies.
Step 15: Profit.

(Those must be executed the moment a pair is available for a move. Sync grid helps, alot, people.)

My strategy for that team is:

  1. Grand Illusion!: Burns the Rapidash as stated above. Lets Milotic live Hyper Beam on 1HP.
  2. My Destiny: Obvious reasons to do so, why not
  3. X Sp.Atk ALL: May sound like a weird choice, but unless you actually poured the extra mats to max Milotic, Mirror Coat won’t one shot Vileplume unless this buff is applied. You could simply Heat Wave to take it out afterwards, but you want every single bit of damage made by Charizard focused on Ho-Oh so it doesn’t end up shredding your team with Solar Beam.
  4. Mirror Coat: Remember to aim at Vileplume before using this move.
  5. My Destiny: Obvious choice
  6. Breathtaking (on Charizard): why not
  7. Whirlpool (on Ho-Oh): My Milotic would be banking on 85 accuracy, but as stated above sync grid can raise this to 95. You only have one chance: the next move after Hyper Beam is always an attack from Ho-Oh and no matter what, it WILL knock Milotic out simply because it’s on 1HP.
  8. Dire Hit +: no need to say anything about this
  9. Sync Move (Charizard): m e g a
  10. Blast Burn: Just keep spamming that move until Ho-Oh SM. And keep spamming that move ALSO after Ho-Oh SM until it faints. Finish the Rapidash afterwards, it’s probably gonna die to any hit from Charizard.
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Seems straightforward. I like the freedom implied by the "why not"s. Lol
A few things…

Wait a dang minute… You can aim that? Wth??
I always just use their moves because it auto does things, Grand Illusion! bounces status so that’s a given, and I have never aimed Mirror Coat on that battle but it never fails to reflect Hyperbeam (because the action rotation is very much the same everytime, so I didn’t know I’d have the need to. D:)

I realized I could switch up mine like X Sp. Atk All before Breathtaking to kind of ensure Vileplume knocks itself out. Too late tho. xd
I see you max buff (to the point of overbuffing) yourself before attacking, fair. Seems like a waste of Move gauge to me, but meh. I’ll try this sequence when I can. :fgo_goodciv:

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I may be stupid, have no idea whether Mirror Coat can auto-aim.

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Only one way to find out, but if may past repetitions are to be believed then it should auto-reflect the first Special damage it receives. Dw, I’m kind of a stupid too. xd