Good time to get Magikarp

If you’re having trouble evolving Magikarp, this Lunar event is THE perfect time to evolve Magikarp!! I’ve encountered a lot of them, today. The event lasts from today to February 3rd


Ah that’s right it’s the lunar event. I was wondering where all the weather boosted spawns went


I haven’t seen a single one yet lol. Though some guys and girls from my local group are making sushi out of them because they got so many :(

With pinapp berries, I was able to evolve my shiny magikarp!!

everyone just try not to get karpal tunnel from throwing all those Pokéballs

alright, yes, I should be ashamed of that, I will leave

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The irony is that I’ve been suffering with cubital tunnel syndrome for the past 2 week because of this game lol

Never apologise or feel shame for a pun.

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I’ve caught two Gyarardos in the wild in the last two days too… one which was level 29, 95% IV and with dragon moves, which I’d never in my life have TM’d for, but might be interesting!