Good users for Assault Troops?

Got a free copy of Summer Edelgard.

Who are good users of Assault Troops effect?
If I am not wrong, every melee hero (but dragons and beasts) can learn it.
Are armor heroes best options, since improve really good their movement?
Is also worth it on infantry heroes?

Is Fallen Edelgard a good option? Just imagine a F!Edelgard moving 3 spaces and engaging 3 different enemies…
Or is it better her default skill, since give only 2 movement but has not to be on cardinal direction of foes to be activated.

I though on my LON’QU ninja build:
Ninja Katana, Surge Sparrow, Close Call…

Some of my options:
-Brave Ephraim
-Fallen Edelgard
-Ninja build Lon’qu
-Ninja build Shanna


Fallen Edel can’t get it since she’s a beast.

Honestly, Summer and Legendary are probably the best users of assault since they get a 2nd movement built in so they can either act as GF sweepers or hit and run units.

Fliers can use it, but only get +1 movement out of it in cardinal directions. Infantry can use it to bypass forests. Cavs can use it to bypass trenches. It’s a versatile skill but narrow in scope.

It all depends on what you’re going to use the unit for.




Most armors prefer the mindless Save Skill tactics. So if you want to make your armor units actually interesting, yes they are best.

It’s an ok skill at best as most units would get more mileage out of a different C skill (Reins, Menace’s, Smokes, etc.).

To me there is only one reason they made the skill, and it’s because she’s a Harmonic. Armors are pretty trash in Resonant Battles (sure you can make them work but it takes more finesse), so a movement skill like that really helps them there, outside of that mode I’d say use something else.


Assault Troop is a primarily PP skill. While armors get the most movement out of it, nearly all armors are EP units so there’s a disconnect there. For most armors you’d need Bold Fighter as well to utilize it best. As @Dragginz mentioned, S-Edelgard and L-Edelgard are the best choices because of Raging Storm

I feel Galeforce units utilize it best


That and her brave condition is stupidly easy to meet so slap heavy blade seal on her and you’re guaranteed to get 3 kills a round


If I weren’t merging her, I’d most likely end up giving it to my +10 Brave Ephraim.


Legit why can’t dragarmours have nice things.

Would’ve been fantastic on HMyrrh smh.


I don’t know about Dragons, but I’d bet the reason for Beasts is FEdel.


Tbh, aside from the units already mentioned (mainly PP Armors and infantry/flying Galeforcers), I don’t see much value in it.

Even for L-Edelgard, I would say it’s good but not optimal (240 SP, ouch) such a perfect opportunity to make her good in arena too, but IS dropped the ball there.

It’s mainly for AR-O imo (yet not necessary), and could be fun (but again, not optimal) in PvE and colisseum.


Which is why I hate that Duma doesn’t get it cuz he would 100% run this over Upheaval in PP builds.

Anyways, imo, if you can run a tempest on them assault troop is a more consistent form of that.

Yes, but I’d actually say Tempest is slightly better for fliers running Trace skills. Since Assault Troop counts as a warp you will not get the extra movement from it in your Canto. Tempest skills let fliers be a little more flexible in their movement after activating Canto


Cuz they get adaptive and ignore windsweep as a save so… It kinda makes sense.

I mean… I’m pissed about it but I get it.


I got a couple copies of S! Edie, so I gave a copy of assault troop to her Legendary version and it’s been pretty nice.

Pairing her up with August and it’s pretty fun getting to quad against most things unless they have NFU.


This is the first time I’ve been sad I don’t have L!Edelgard. I foddered her off for Armored Stride, thinking it would be a lot more useful than it ended up being. Assault Troop, though, is really good with Raging Storm on Edeltina, so L!Edel must be pretty awesome with it, too! Enjoy!


I’d argue that Armored units make the best use of it, but it can also be used really well on Galeforce sweepers.

If I weren’t merging my Edelgard, I’d go with this.

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Bit of a moot point since you already said you’re not doing this but Special Spiral doesn’t work on Galeforce (it specifically says it activates only if the special triggers before or during combat; Galeforce activates after combat).

I’d run either Bold or Special Fighter instead. Or you could be cheeky and run Daring Fighter since you got all that Speed.


That’s irrelevant. It’s supposed to be Special Fighter.

Honestly I think the skill is actually pretty niche. It’s only slightly more movement than infantry and fliers already have, and the same as cavalry have. But only in cardinal directions is pretty limited. Sure it counts as warping which has some advantages I guess, but not really enough to warrant it over other options. Like others have said, it’s probably best on armors but most of them are heavily EP oriented anyway so it’s not really something they need that badly.


Yeah, I don’t think it hurts to allow Assault Troop to be used by all movement types, but it’s clearly best for armors. There aren’t many situations where an offensive armor is a better choice than an offensive unit from another movement type, even with AT, because you have to use your C slot for it instead of a Menace or Rein/Hold or Time’s Pulse or whatever.

However, AT gets better the more use it can get, so the more actions, the better. Galeforce, Raging Storm, and dancers are all nice. Armors have access to Bold Fighter and brave weapons, and despite NFU existing, not all units have it, so Bold Brave Galeforce builds just got a big boost. Obviously Edeltina is the best with AT and then L!Edelgard, but don’t underestimate Bold Brave GF!