Good users of DB4/Lull atk/def

Anyways I free summoned a Dimitri with +def -Res. Not too bad IVs but either way he’s got too good fodder to use

So who uses Lull atk/Def *AND * DB4 efficiently?

I want to give the lull to Fjorm most likely but I won’t be running death blow so it’s kind of a waste. So who would you put these skills on?

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Dimitri :feh_dimitricool:


Any cav that likes to tank and hit people I guess

I reccommend keeping him. I don’t think Lulls are that good and especially not that rare, unless you have a merge project need for it

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I gave Dimitri’s kit to Gordin and it works perfectly (especially when combined with his refine). Tbf there are many heroes who want lull atk/def, but not that many who want to use DB4 alongside it.

Brave weapons in general go well with it.


Actually here an Idea

You take DB4 and Lull and make a Quad Fjorm build

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now how do I get speeeeeeed if she’s +0 and her a and b slot are taken without any speed buffs


C slot could be Spd/Def Rouse,alongside Darting blow/Swift Sparrow,and a +6 buff (7 if you have sue) it’s actually good

I do have a sue actually…

But she only hits like 40 something speed which is enough I guess.

But probably won’t do this.


There’s not much investment, just a brave lance and the seal…

You know…

Legendary Leif


Lull is the main deal here for me and DB4’s mostly just a nice extra :feh_dimitrismug:

Slow physical Brave weapon users like Gordin and L!Leif as already mentioned would make great use of both and other than that tanks (especially cav tanks as they don’t have many other options) really like the Lull :feh_flaynfish:




DB4 isn’t even that good of an option.

And he comes with the lull in the base kit.

Death blow 4 has a high sp cost, so it is good for arena. So maybe if you have a highly merged unit for arena, giving deathblow 4 and lull atk/def could be great to check armours when used with armour killing weapons.

Close Counter also has high SP cost

The same as DB4 actually

Edit: I just realized you probably weren’t referring to L!Chrom but the post in general, my b

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L!Leif benefit alot from both DB4 and lull def/atk. he is expected to return on may legendary/mythic banner if you don’t have him already

No probs. Lull atk/def is really good for tanks as well, so using it with close counter is also a very solid option.

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Ah yes, my highlest merged Arena units

Cries in Caeda, Catria and Beruka

Do you have duel skills on those? They may struggle to score high without them.

Units like Itsuki can score very well. He could even make good use out of DB4 and lull atk/def, to completely flatten dragon units, although DC can more versatile.

There are other units that can definitely use these skills and score well, so I guess it’s down to preference.

I don’t think it’s been mentioned yet, but L!Ephraim is a good user if you have him. His bonus season got a lot easier after I foddered Dimitri to him

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Well no…

I know how Arena scoring works mate

I’m going to get the duel skills when I can, but I don’t have them right now. In fact the Beruka and Catria in question don’t have many merges I still need feathers and copies.

But mainly because of how cheap I am there aren’t really many good options. I also love flyers and those three in general are my favorites