Good users of Panic Smoke and/or Flashing Blade 4

On the Legendary Banner, I got four copies of Thrasir. The first two are +Atk, -Hp (the first has all base skills learned plus Reposition), the third was +Def, -Spd and is now a manual, and the last is +Atk, -Res. What are some units 5hat make good use of FB4 and/or Panic Smoke? Or am I better off merging? Make a recommendation for any unit as I have most of them.

I already have a +1 Duma for Anime season AR Defense in addition to Thrasir.

Flashing Blade 4 is useful on units who normally run Flashing Blade 3, which admittedly isn’t much.

Panic Smoke is useful on AR defense units who can engage the enemy and survive reliably, whether it be through bulk, straight up killing the enemy on initiation, or stuff like Firesweep weapons. Can be helpful for tanks you use on offense, but Pulse Smoke is preferred on them.

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I’m in a similar situation, and as Tailtiu had picked my interest I decided to build her up with one of my Thrasirs. I kept an extra copy of her just in case (her fodder isn’t that flexible) and merged the other ones. I do however use her in AR so that was kinda decisive


Panic smoke is also really good on abyssal carries, though I doubt you care about that. For AR pulse smoke generally will perform better. Flashing blade 4 is not great, because it means giving up your a slot whereas flashing blade is usually in the s slot, leaving the a free for DC, bonus doubler, etc

Panic Smoke is great on Aether Raids Defense, as @TMFM said, and is honestly one of the best skills for bulky units. If I ever manage to get Panic Smoke I’ll either put it on my defense’s Sturdy Impact Micaiah or on my defense’s Winter Cecilia, since both are pretty tough to kill on the counter. On offense, as has already been stated, it’s better to support with Panic Ploy, Panic Manor, or Sudden Panic - Pulse Smoke or Atk Smoke are usually better C-Slots.

Flashing Blade 4 is a little interesting because while at a glance it doesn’t perform much differently than Flashing Blade 3, it makes it actually worth the A-Slot. However, you have to be using the seal for high value. Otherwise, it’d be better to just run a normal A-Slot like Swift Sparrow 3 and then Flashing Blade in the seal slot.

There’s a few criteria that you need to really get value from it:

  1. Low attack stat - one of the key reasons you’re running Flashing Blade 4 is for the chip damage, and it’s one of the few advantages over having it in the seal. Therefore, it’s good on units who have a low attack stat and benefit from the extra guaranteed damage.
  2. High speed stat - as you’d guess, you need a high speed to be able to run it well. Who would’ve guessed.
  3. High value seal - I mentioned this earlier. Here’s a list of ones I would say could at least be USEABLE - Swift Sparrow, Brazen Atk/Spd, Atk Feint, Spd Feint, Chill Atk, Chill Def, any C-Slot skill, Quickened Pulse, Hardy Bearing, Armored Boots, and Phantom Spd (maybe).
  4. Infantry or Armor - Basic inheritance restrictions on the skill. Armors often would rather use Fighters though.

Here’s a couple of archetypes that might benefit from it:

  • Aether Raids Defense units running Hardy Bearing/Quickened Pulse that also want cooldown acceleration. It lets them have a little more tech options while having the same benefits of Flashing Blade 3 (and more damage).
  • Mixed offense-support units. By running another supportive B-Slot or C-Slot in the seal, you can get more value in terms of support, while dedicating the A-Slot to cooldown reduction. Very niche though honestly since most supports aren’t going to be going into combat.
  • Units that you don’t use enough to merit dedicating the coveted Flashing Blade 3 seal to, but still want the effects of Flashing Blade. Essentially, if you need two Flashing Blade users on the same team.
  • A few other miscellaneous things I guess. Not going to get into it because it could take forever.

Own Design (Winter Jaffar) - It works, though tbh not necessarily better than Bold Fighter
Credits to TheSeunger for design (Legault) - One of my favorite uses I’ve seen of FB 4
Own Design (Silvia) - A Galeforce Dancer for Aether Raids Galeforce offense teams. Flexible C & Seal
Own Design (L Alm) - AR Defense L Alm. Not necessarily better than most other L Alm builds, but neat

Essentially, Flashing Blade is pretty neat, but honestly there’s pretty niche uses for it. I’ve seen some really awesome ones in the past (mine here are mostly just playing around with it), so it has potential, but Panic Smoke is probably the way to go if you’re planning to fodder some Thrasir. It is really good on the Galeforce dancers though lol.

Merge them all. She’s worth it.


Agreed. The only unit I use Flashing Blade 4 on is Thrasir herself, because I’ve merged every copy of her I’ve gotten. I’m of the opinion that you shouldn’t fodder her until you’ve merged two up to +10 each, unless they come out with a better Anima Mythic to pair her with (double Thrasir is far superior to Thrasir and Duma).

However, I will point out that FB4 works on both phases, unlike Swift Sparrow 3, and has no positioning requirements, unlike the Attack/Speed Bond and Solo skills. The 5 damage is essentially 5 more Attack, except it’s true damage, which is better. The best use for it is probably when you already have someone else on the team using the FB3 seal. Panic Smoke is the more premium fodder, but it’s easy enough to fodder a S!Ylgr or whoever with FB3 in the A slot and nab FB4 along with the Smoke skill.

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