Goodbye for good. I'm leaving this side of Gamepress

I honestly can’t stand this side of Gamepress anymore. I’m so close to having a mental breakdown that I need some space. In some cases, I wish I had never came across this site, because there are some users on here that I wish I had never met.

I am so mad, so upset, so… Pissed off (especially at someone who told me to go die) that I’m so close to ACTUALLY ending my life. I can’t see a counselor or do anything, because they’re offices are closed, due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The only resources I have are my mom, who I’m afraid to talk to, my roommates, who I’m afraid to talk to, and my neighbor, who I’m also afraid to talk to.

Nothing is gonna get better, whether I’m on this accursed site or not, because 2020 is destroying people’s lives. 2020 is a ■■■■■, because it’s ■■■■■■■ with everyone. My mental health isn’t gonna improve, because the counseling offices are closed. My anger can’t improve, unless a professional helps me out and all “professionals” I know that might help me (again, counselors or psychiatrists) can’t help me right now. Is it possible for me to just… Not exist anymore? I’m going to the Pokemon GO side of Gamepress from now on, until further notice. If I summon Owain somehow, I’ll post it on here, but that’s it.


  • Please don’t comment on anything I post anymore, on this side of Gamepress. It’ll tempt me to come back here.
  • Please don’t try to make me come back. I won’t listen. I wanna leave this place, but everyone commenting on my topics isn’t making me leave.
    In other words, please leave me be! I want to be a better person and the only way I can start doing that, is if you leave me be…

Let us meet, never again

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Please come back

I just broke all your rules

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I’ll break the rules to say that there are some psychologists and counselors working via online calls so, please, if you need it search for one :pray:t2: I hope you get better and I won’t break the rules anymore if you want <3


You don’t want people to comment, yet you made a thread?

I saw the previous thread and I feel like you’re overreacting. I get that there aren’t people to talk to because of how the world is (or at least you can’t talk to them face to face, but there is video chat… Although from the last thread apparently you don’t know how to do that) but this has gotten out of hand.

The internet can be a nice and fun-filled place to go to, but it can also be a dangerous temptress. One must know how to overcome the idiocy, bickering, and overall trolling attitude of the people on the internet. Gamepress is no different, and I thought that people knew that already. There are many people on Gamepress that has changed as time went on and went from a person I can converse with to someone that I truly can’t stand because they have shown their true colors through things like hypocrisy or just being a downright rude and obnoxious individual trying to become to next Allin on this site.

If one can’t learn to deal with everything that the internet has to offer, then the internet is not the place for them. Unfair? Possibly, but life is filled with unfairness and, at this point, the internet has been around for… how many years?

We should all know what to expect by now.

I dunno if you’re even gonna read this, or if this thread is gonna get locked or whatever, but this needs to be said.


Mute your old threads at least the ones you think people are going to comment in. I do think you are over reacting though.


Supa, if you are see this, I wanna know something.

Are you prescribed medicine that you aren’t taking? I only ask because my brother used to not take his medicine. He is very schizophrenic and bi polar and when he didn’t take his medicine, things were very bad. He would have moments where he would be talking to Johnny Cash. It got to the point where he had to go to a mental hospital for a couple of weeks. It got a lot better after he started to take his medication and work with his doctor tho.

Please, bring concerns to your doctor. Even if you are taking your medication, there is the possibility that it’s not working of that you are even misdiagnosed.


Please, have Owain/Odin and Spark by your side to help you feel better

Supa, where there is life there is hope. Your life is something really precious. You have so much ahead of you, things you haven’t even thought of yet! Good people to meet and become friends with (they exist!) and a life to be experienced one step at a time. I hope no one ever succeeds in making you believe that that isn’t worth everything, worth the struggle.

You can do it. It’s okay to take days off or even not come to GP or the internet at all. But I know you can find better times and more happiness if you just keep taking one step after another. I am really, truly wishing you the best and praying for you.


Buh-bye good luck on summoning Owain!

I am gonna miss you, but i kinda side with Krazy. I tried to joke around with you as well, and you took it fairly literally. To the point where you thought I was going to hurt you, so you called for mods. Sometimes, the people you see as threats and hurtful may not actually MEAN what they say, or maybe they are just saying things in the heat of the moment. Please, if you read this, note that no one in their right mind would try to make another person be in danger or feel threatened. Take literally EVERYTHING with a PILE of salt on the internet.

See ya, friendly dude.


If you are seriously considering this, there are some good organizations you can call for free. They are one google search away.

Take care.


Take it from someone who actually has tried and failed, it isn’t always ‘successful’ and you wind up surviving worse off than before. I’ve got an ugly scar and the inability to talk as every day reminders it just wasn’t worth the cost of a ‘heat of the moment’ decision. As suggested above, get whatever help you can.

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me coming back from making a meatloaf:


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Basically me returning to that thread. Everything was so calm when I left, then I come back and… :feh_hecstare: What the heck just happened.


My girlfriend: uses my actual name


Things got out of hand.


Well… I understand your motives and am sorry if I contributed to your opinion, ever.

At least you’ll be around to talk with your friends which is great, as there’s bad people there’s good ones too, communities are quite colorful aren’t they?.

All in all I’ll respect your decision but you can PM me if you need it, take care — you’ll eventually have the help you need but for now the Coronavirus is just forcing us all to stay inside our homes to be safe, that’s not only a you problem, it does causes trouble worldwide (and video chats are a thing too so you could interact with professionals this way).

The others have said their part, I have nothing to add


I know you don’t want people to comment but… if you didn’t want that you shouldn’t have made a thread about it

If I’ve ever done something to offend you I offer my apologies.

As always I’m open to PM.

But otherwise goodbye :feh_maristare:


Hell yeah!