Goodbye shadow beldum

Looks like Niantic has changed the Rocket Leader shadows again. This morning my first balloon of the day was Arlo so I expected to catch yet another Beldum. Instead it was Venonant, Manectric and Vileplume. Anybody know what Sierra and Cliffy are leading with? Reportedly we can TM away Frustration for this event / this week, so I guess we are soon going to see a lot of shadow Metagross in raids and PVP.

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Cliff still had typical the Aerodactyl. Maybe it changes later here (7am in EU). Also most people (including me) just finished their shadow Metagross for xerneas (one of the few where it really made sense) - the last frustration Event was not long ago. Surprises me it happens again. For PvP, shadow metagross was never a really convincing option as well. I already regret powering up two just for crappy xerneas :D

Leekduck has the following Pokémon for the leaders

Arlo’s first Pokémon is Shadow Venonat.
Arlo’s second Pokémon can be Shadow Ursaring, Shadow Crobat, or Shadow Manectric.
Arlo’s third Pokémon can be Shadow Scizor or Shadow Magnezone.

Cliff’s first Pokémon is Shadow Seedot.
Cliff’s second Pokémon can be Kingler.
Cliff’s third Pokémon can be Tyranitar, or Torterra.

Sierra’s first Pokémon is Shadow Sneasel.
Sierra’s second Pokémon can be Shadow Gliscor, Shadow Granbull, or Shadow Ampharos.
Sierra’s third Pokémon can be Shadow Houndoom, Shadow Kingdra, or Shadow Drapion.

In the next few days we will probably see more data becoming available and the list will be updated.

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I saw Arlo use Vileplume too.

I did a few more shadow battles and it looks like some changes to the grunt lineups as well. Too early to say much but Electric offered an Electryke as first Mon and then the regular lineup of Mareeples (Flaafy and Ampharos). Swinub still in play as Ground looks unchanged as is Ghost and Psychic. If Sierra offers Sneasel then that is a winner IMHO. Gonna hit that fight often!!! Ironically when Sierra’s First Mon was cr@p, she was in abundance while Arlo was hard to find (in my area). Let’s see if that situation now reverses.

Shadow sneasel is great for dps and certainly well worth it if you’re not maxed out already. It loses out to shadow mamo on the ice side and (arguably) shadow ttar on the dark side. Given its less heavy competition on the dark side (mainly megas/legendaries/rare) plus versatility it’s definitely going to improve a lot of people’s teams though. I’ll probably get one for fun.

Shadow Granbull I think can be used in Great League as a Charmer?

New Leaders’ rewards are dissapointing. Shadow Sneasel - already was (shiny too). Shadow Seedot - already was except for shiny version. Shadow Venonat - who needs that crap?! I want my Shiny Shadow Metagross - haven’t got one despite hunting for Arlo anytime I got radar!


Come on, shadow beldum was a reward for soooo long. It was time for a change. Sneasel is great.

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Who need shadow Metagross? Regular Metagross is more than enough. I miss shadow Aerodactyl far more, the only challenging Rocket Leader for a long while. There are some very good new shadow mon from Grunts, including Blaziken, Staraptor, Tangrowth, as well as Granbull and Kingdra if consider PvP.


Who need shadow Metagross?

Anyone who plays PvE competitively.

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Only for xerneas (minor importence - togetic) lately. Btw, where is the competition in PvE? Or do you talk about (haha) gyms? ;)


I play competitively against myself, my friends and online times like pokebattler. Replace competitively with seriously if you like.

Whether useful now or not, it’s still best of It’s type. Mewtwo is arguably less useful type-wise but find me a PvE player without a few of them.

It wasn’t that seriously, guess you know that, but always good to have some insight into other playstyles. Mewtwo, at least the shadow one, is a bit different story, but only when two-mewved. I used my ice beam/psystrike one incredibly often during the genie weeks.

The first Grunt battle I did was Flying type and REJOICE NO MORE FKNG ZUBAT. It’s Starly now which I suppose isn’t super exciting but the one I caught had a nice IV spread for PvP so I made a Shadow Staraptor for GL. It’s probably not very good but it’s new and it may be good spice for a future cup.


Then you can say everyone needs shadow Rampardos as well. PvE itself isn’t competitive. Shadow mon can improve your winning time, but are never needed to do a raid.


Used a normal one in UL and it was surprisingly decent. Very difficult to play though

Shadow Staraptor is good for raids, with higher DPS than Mega Pigeot, only below shadow Moltres.

The leaders have multiple starters for this event from previous pools of starters

The only one I haven’t encountered yet is Arlo with, hopefully, Bagon.

While that’s interesting, i would prefer e.g. normal lavados (when it has sky attack) on most occasions. And occasions for fliers are rare anyway, so why pump dust into a shadow staraptor which we use once in five yrs