Google document for events

Hi sorry to make a thread just for this but I didn’t know where else I would ask. Do any of you have that Google document which lists the rewards for all future events? I forget if I’ve asked for this before so I’m sorry if I’m repeating myself.



Yes this is it thank you

I wonder why we haven’t stickied this yet.


I’m actually using this spreadsheet in a project I’m currently working on. It’s not 100% perfect (the Imaginary Scramble section in particular is wrong in a lot of places), but it’s pretty good. Misses off things like gems and monuments too, which is annoying.

It’s pinned to the General Support tab but it’s all the way on the original post, many people don’t bother to scroll to the top so it’s missed entirely. There’s a few sites linked to it as well.

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I think it needs its own thread tbh.