Google Pay completely locked me out

With the new update, I’m completely locked out of buying SQs on NA. Both my debit card and my PayPal are greyed out as “not available in your country”.

Any advice?


Idk how helpful this might be but here you go

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Nope. My bank doesn’t support virtual debit cards.

I give up. I can’t switch regions, because both my PayPal and my debit card automatically region lock me to Hungary, I can’t make virtual cards because my bank doesn’t support them, and I can’t get a prepaid card, because they aren’t accepted in my region, which I cannot change, because see the first point.

So yeah, FML. I’m so pissed off about this, I might actually just take a break from the game, because the idea that a company would actively try to stop people giving them money is just giving me a headache.

It took a whole afternoon and a bunch of unintuitive crap, but at last, I managed to get an US payment account working. Better yet, this one actually works with my PayPal account too. Let’s hope they won’t crack down on this method any time soon.

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Hello I have the same problem as you, I live in Europe in the czech republic, everything worked normally, I could buy quartz as I wish but recently I am locked and can´t buy more. How did you succed to restoring it to normal?

Pemborosan anjir :catchancla:

Oh boy, this is an annoying process, so brace yourself.

First off, you need to create a new Google account, while using a VPN. I recommend TunnelBear. It’s free for 500MBs, and you don’t need nearly that much for this. To be sure, remove your normal account from your phone, and clear the catche of the Play Store, and then tunnel to the US:
So, once you made your account, secure it (backup e-mail, two step security, all of that), and then log into it on the Play Store. Go into your profile, tap on Payments and Subscriptions, and then Payment Methods, and choose More Payment Settings at the bottom. This will take you to Google Pay.
Here, you need to add a payment method before you can do anything else, so do that. At this point, based on your debit/PayPal account, it will automatically pinpoint your location. It doesn’t really matter though, as in the next step, we change the region by going into Settings, and then changing Country/Region by clicking on the grey pencil beside your current location.
At this stage, you should Google a random US address generator, and then put that into the address field. This will create a new Payment Profile, without any Payment Methods.
Now, make sure you pick the new payment profile on the menu near the top, and then go back to the menu and pick Payment Methods. Here, add your card again, but make sure it would still use the new address and not your real one.
Finally, once the payment method is added, go into Settings, change your Payment Profile to your native one, and then scroll all the way down to the bottom and tap Close Payment Profile. It asks you to confirm, so make sure it’s the right one. If it is, then confirm it, so that only the US profile remains.
With this, you have an US profile, and you can double-check by going into Google Play and go into Settings/General/Account and device preference. Here, it should say United States under region.

You should be all set after this, so log into FGO and see if it works. If you get a security error, check your security warnings under your account. If it still doesn’t allow you to pay, turn off the VPN.