Google Pay Restrictions for SQ purchases

So I’m sure many of you planning on topping up your SQ in anticipation of this year’s JP summer servants have been region locked out of buying. This problem it seems also applies to NA which means for many of us living in countries FGO still does not support, just using APKpure seems no longer viable if you want to spend on SQ.

Has anyone managed to overcome this issue with a solution that works? Please share (in detail if possible) the steps you took to enable SQ purchases.

  • Edit: I’m aware that it was on FGO JP that this problem was brought up, but let’s refer to solutions for NA servers.
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I don’t have such an issue myself, but from watching a streamer, I heard 2 things. One was to use a VPN to make a Google Play account for a region where you can buy quartz and try that. If that doesn’t work, try removing your card from existing Google Play accounts and add it to the new account.

I don’t know if these are guaranteed to work, but that’s what I’ve heard from other people.


I used this method to install the game and hadnt had any issues with purchasing sq biyearly for GSSR. I dont even have to do it again and the game is updated through regular playstore.

Occasionally though, the updates refuse to proccess until you switch to the foreign account. Also, its recommended to keep VPN on whenever you switch to that account so google play services wont update the locality.