Got 2,500 Grails, who gets em?

(Okay so after fat fingering the first version of this topic here we go again!)

So it’s funny that I keep whining to myself that I never have enough grails, but now I’m sitting on 2,500 again. And now that I’m here I have absolutely NO idea what I’m gonna use them all for. So might as well make a poll, and see what everyone else says!

Here’s the list of the candidates, with some have specific purposes in mind and some are just for gits and shiggles. Give em a quick look before voting!

Conrad: AR-D

Getting this due to +10 could really help him out, especially given the he’d get 52 visible defense once maxed out!

Aversa: AR-O

Ah ol’ reliable. Pretty sure she’s hard carried me in some AR Matches. Getting her to 60 HP at +10 would be even better!

Cynthia Fliersweep Member

Seeing as Summer Fiora is getting retired the moment I get my hands on Tanith means I’ve got more grails to go around for the other two.

S!Loki: Fliersweep Member

Same dealio as Cynthia, except she could REALLY use the extra attack and speed. Only thing holding me back is if a faster F2P flying archer comes out. But the odds of that seem kinda slim

Mininerva: Fliersweep Candidate

But in a dramatic twist, I thought about adding ANOTHER grail unit to the team to replace Summer Innes. Mostly cause she’d be way faster and WAY stronger than him. But same with S!Loki, I worry that a speedy F2P Axe Flier could show up. But again, seems like a long shot

Death Knight: Physical Wall

I’ve been building this guy for awhile and I must say he’s a lot of fun to use. I’ve already put some time into him so really this would just boost him up even further.

NY!Corrin: Colorless Can-Do

Was originally merging him until I eventually settled on W!Cecelia and Canas. Would be nice to come back and finish this fine lad up!

Zombumi: OG GHB Unit 1

Ah yes. One of the first GHB Units I 5*'d. I did end up wasting one merge (as a four star, i was just starting the game so i had no idea what I was doing) and missed out on his rerun. But with his new refine I’d love to patch him up and make him amazing!

Valter: OG GHB Unit 2

Another early 5*, but now with more refine!

Legion: OG GHB Unit 3

Same as the other two, nothing much to say here other than “ALLSES OF US”

Linus: Hey That's a Pretty Cool Refine You Got There

Yeah I can never remember why I 5*'d this dude, tho I guess I thought he was pretty cool (which in fairness he is). But hey! New refine so might want to give him some merges to go with it!

Zephiel: Well I Gave You DC For a Reason, Might As Well Go All In

Remember when putting an armored tank was the hot new thing to do in AR? Well this guy does. Art’s cool, already invested so heavily into him so might as well give him a chance!

Itsuki: I Just Think He's Neat!

I mean a well rounded dragon slayer? What’s not to love?

Walhart: Well You Were One of My Favorite Parts of Awakening

Axe Cavs! Still don’t have a good one, and I’m still hoping this guy gets a killer refine!

Nemesis: Just Cause I Can

I… I’m not entirely sure what possessed me to invest so much in this guy, but hey I could make it work!

Flame Emperor: Good LORD I Gave You a Lot of Stuff!

WHAT HAVE I DONE HERE? Uhhh… well might as well throw some merges their way.

Arden: Wait, Since When Did You Get a Refine?!

M E M E S (and dual phase quads :D)

Finn: Ooh! A Speedy Quad Cav? Well La Di Da!

Ya know despite me not using him that much, I’ve always had fond memories of this guy in Rival Domains.

Clairesse: Meme Team Dream Team

Originally was gonna build her as a joke, then she ended up being pretty good with a Fishy Bow, then she got her refine and now she’s a blast!

  • Conrad
  • Aversa
  • Cynthia
  • S!Loki
  • Mininerva
  • Death Knight
  • NY!Corrin
  • Zombumi
  • Valter
  • Legion
  • Linus
  • Zephiel
  • Itsuki
  • Walhart
  • Nemesis
  • Flame Emperor
  • Arden
  • Finn
  • Clarisse

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I was gonna say Y!Innes but he’s not in the list.

Second option would be N/S Arden or maybe Aversa, her refine is not too far away


I voted Minierva as I use her a lot and she really is a fantastic little physical wall with impressive offenses to go with it. You said you’re thinking firesweep but I find she’s an excellent mixed phase unit who can do well with Wyvern Flight and Atk/Spd Rein for incredible physical bulk.

Just to show mine off, er, I mean give an example

Although I still need the rein for her.

On the fear of another f2p coming out, while they may well have higher stats, she’s unlikely to be completely outclassed due to her prf weapon which still holds up well and her A skill, unlike Spring Loki who has very little going for her apart from that outfit.

Aversa is an excellent option to. I use mine with Gunnthra in AR-O (not that I’m high their or anything) and the pair really do destroy most things. Also the advantage of not needing an expensive kit, although R Duel flying is great on her if you’ve a spare Valentian Palla.


To no one’s surprise I have to vote for Conrad

needs a build tweak tho


Was going to say Petrine, but she’s not on the list


To no one’s surprise Arden is winning lol. :feh_bylethshook:


I will go against the flow and say Walhart because even if near save made Arden into an absolute powerhouse, I prefer Walhart :feh_rein:


I love democracy :feh_ardenwoke:


I voted for Finn for Finn because he’s the best surrogate dad in the series. Man is an absolute hero


I voted Aversa cause i believe she’ll be a great support unit once her refine hits
Right now she gets a bit outclassed by sudden panic and sabotage skills, but it’s only a matter of time before she gets something good.

Arden is the meta pick for sure, especially if you have A/D Near Save.

I chose Clarisse because of the bunch it sounds like you were having the most fun with her in your little blurbs.

In the end, the goal of playing this game is to have fun. Unless being top tier in the rankings is how you have fun, then get Arden because he wrecks peeps.


I’d 2nd this right under Arden, he was lucky to have his stats in the right spots to still do well today.


I would have prefered a bit less res for a bit more spd but he still got a pretty good statline, now we just have to hope his refine will be awesome because best vegan deserve it!


Arden is definitely the biggest powerhouse of this list, but I’d lean more towards someone like Clarisse or Nemesis who you’ve actually invested in already. In my mind the question to ask yourself is “Which of these units do I enjoy using the most?”

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Welp! The people have spoken!

IT’S ARDEN TIME! :feh_ardenwoke: