Got 2 Geriks: What to do?

So, I got lucky and managed to pull two Gariks from the new banner. One of them is +HP -Spd, while the other is +Res -HP. The extra HP would obviously be good for use with Sudden Panic, but would affect his doubling capability with the -Spd. The only skill I really would like from Garik right now is Sudden Panic, which would probably be used with my +2 Ninian with a high HP support build. On the other hand, if I merge the Gariks and keep the +HP one, then the -Spd bane would be covered and I’d get some extra bonuses as well.

Then go Brave Axe Deathblow 4

Hm… Tough choice indeed.

If you actually care about Raids then you should probably fodder him to your HP Support Ninian.

Of the two, I’d keep the +Res/-HP. A speed bane reduces his build variety.