Got a dame, er...The bell has been Rung? Wake up from your Naps and Bryng on the new day, it's the Götterdämmerung Roll Thread! Valhallelujah!


It’s finally here (if we can say “finally”, since we’re getting it a bit early comparatively). We have the pre-release first, featuring Napoleon on a solo rate-up with no CEs or 4* Servants, then we have the meat and potatoes of Sigurd, Brynhild, and the collective Valkyries.

5* Archer: Napoleon: 6th on Attack; 9th on HP. An anti-Divine AoE Buster Archer? We already have Nobunaga, don’t we?..Well yeah, she doesn’t have the NP charge, the passive star gen, or the Charisma. She doesn’t even have as good a pair of buff titties as he does, smh. Why am I comparing them again? Anyway, Nap’s a middle ground between Tesla, Ishtar and Gil when it comes to skills and NP damage, and continues the trend of “No bad Archers”. He will be added to the General Pool.

5* Saber: Sigurd: Highest Attack of all Sabers (well, tied), even in JP, with the 8th Highest HP values. Crit Strength (oh boy does he have a lot of Crit strength), Buster Up, Guts, and a targetable Crit Star Drop Rate Up/Debuff Immunity. Somehow he’s never gotten an Interlude to either reduce his CD on his 2nd skill (adding survival tools to primarily offensive skills :fgo_badciv:) or for his NP damage…maybe someday, right? Not that he really needs it, of course. Just prioritize buffed Buster crits over his NP for damage most of the time. Pair him with his wife for extra crit support and Georgios to make sure the enemy is a dragon. Limited-availability; here today, gone tomorrow…and for the next, oh, quite a few tomorrows. Will return for New Year’s and the next couple of GSSRs.

5* Lancer: Brynhild: Thanks to her recent Interlude, this shieldmaiden has reached her full FGO potential. 3rd Highest Attack; 7th Highest HP. MUCH better support potential thanks to the drastically increased values of Hero’s Assistant. Limited-availability; will return for the GSSRs and hopefully a random Thanksgiving banner or something.

4* Lancer: Valkyrie: Highest HP of the 4* Lancers, but the lowest Attack…thankfully they’re Quick-based, have good hitcounts on their AoE NP (7*3=21 total), and their refund potential with their 1st skill, 3rd skill and Skadi is very, very high. Plus, you get 3 Servants for the price of 1. Still, I would consider them strictly inferior to Parvati at equal NP levels in regards to Skadi looping, but if you get them at multiple NP levels they really shape up. Will be added to the General Pool and is a potential target for your next Exchange Ticket.

5* CE: Child of Atlas is Origin Bullet, but for Berserkers. Also comes with Ignore Defense for those pesky CQs or boss fights. Put this on your Foreigners or JAlter and watch them chew up those mad hunks. The bump from 1 copy to MLB is small (5% extra damage) and it has split stats, so don’t fret if you don’t get it MLB.

4* CE: Sweeper is a budget Another Ending, but with split stats and leaning towards HP at that. Seriously, at MLB this is equal to the effects of a single Another Ending, so if you have that CE this one becomes necessary only for party cost.

3* CE: Sakura’s Special Bento is a very budget Gentle Affection, if you weren’t around during either da Vinci run and haven’t been spooked by it at any other time. Again, no reason to use this one except maybe party cost.

Who are you summoning for?

  • Napoleon
  • Sigurd
  • Brynhild
  • Valkyrie
  • Child of Atlas (5* CE)
  • Sweeper (4* CE)
  • Sakura’s Special Bento (3* CE)
  • I’m Skipping this banner entirely; Skadi/Summer banners are more important

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What’s with the Lostbelts and giving us such good Fate couples? We got Ana and Kadoc, and now we reunited Bryn and Sigurd…and there’s more to come in the future, too. Sita when?

Source (Artbook from their in-game artist)




For those insane enough to try for all 3 5*s

So, come and share your rolls, your salt, and your fanart here with us!


The pre-release starts the 18th (tomorrow) at 21:00 PDT.

We can assume that LB2 will come directly after the stream on the 22nd, probably the servers will go down for maintenance and then 00:00 on the 23rd PDT will be when the official banner starts.

And to get you in the mood, here is a wonderful song:


This title is cursed


You know that I couldn’t resist the opportunity.


unneeded banner for poketar. i gots big plans for summer.

by plans, i mean salt


Honestly, if it wasn’t for Bryn I’d do the same.

The CE is situational (and you should never really roll for CEs anyway) and Sigurd is great for burst crit damage, but ST options like Bedi or Caesar already exist as F2P options. Valks can spook at any time and due to their low attack they basically scream for either NP3+ and/or (preferably and) double Skadi. That’s a lot of investment.

Napoleon’s is entirely a bait banner since it doesn’t have any 4*s on rateup.


Unless someone gifting me with 360 SQ I’m not rolling…


May Bryn FINALLY grace your Chaldea for you Col. Sanders!

I hope everyone gets all the servants they want but I especially have my fingers crossed for you!

Go Chicken!!!


I was originally planning to skip the summoning, but then I realised sigurd was a thing. I mean like, the dude has almost no rate-ups and nobody ever talks about him.


Skipping. Too little Quartz, targets too close.


Must… reunite… waifu with her husbando…


Thank you Lost!

I hope it’s better than Nerofest at least…I have all the mats and EXP to grail to 100, +2k/+2k, and 10/10/10 the second I get her (also for Valks as well, minus the Steel, as I plan on getting a lot of use from them).

The timing is a shame since Skadi and I want NP2 Jeanne Archer from the summer, but Bryn just doesn’t get as many rate-ups as some others seem to, so this is my last dependable chance for the next 2 years or so besides the GSSR where I might still go Lancer even if I get her here.


Well I know how much you love her so count me as a cheerleader for team chicken!

And yeah, they packed almost every single good banner into summer this year. It is unreal!!!


help someone who’s ignorant, but what is bryn good at besides being a waifu st lancer?


When is Bryn coming? I don’t have much to offer her but I’ll put some effort in :fgo_meltbirb:


Wait wait wait!!! Bryn is getting an Animation update, right!?


Bait. Roll on this and you will regret eating into your stash for what comes soon.

Except if you are rolling for waifu or husbando reasons.


Solid NP damage - her base attack is high, and the she has an Interlude, a Buster buff, and an NP damage buff (1st skill). Good NP gain to actually be able to NP several times (not back to back, no, and her buff is only 1T) and decent star gen.

The best thing is her support though imo - the 2nd skill is situational, but tied with another form of defense or attack down on an enemy it stacks up and can help with NPs. Crit rate down is nice when going against enemies that make use of that - Riders, Archers, Chimeras, Werebeasts.

But her 3rd skill basically guarantees whoever she uses it on gets all the crit stars for the next 3 turns, then gives them a pretty good crit damage boost (40%), and heals them for 3k HP. On a 5T CD. And there will be stars, because again on her own she isn’t bad but her NP boosts star gen for the team by 50%

Edit: She also works great with a ton of free CEs. Sumo for attack (and to give her all 3 main buffs), HNS for more crit for herself, Aerial Drive bc she’s Buster. And her heal can offset Black Grail if you have it.


I have all SSR Lancers, but my NP3 Bryn is definitely my main one


And since I don’t have her, I can’t say for sure (she might have got it already) but in JP yes, she got an animation update here.