Got a Gold but not the one you wanted

Who got a swimsuit servant as part of the Dead Heat/Jail summon event but not the one you were hopping to get. For example I wanted Fran (Saber) since y’know she can actually talk and I like her better when I can see her eyes and she can talk instead of grunting. What I have so far gotten is Minamoto-no-Raikou (Lancer) while I appreciate her assets (and the fact that I now have both Minamoto’s) I really wanted Fran. If this has happened to a anyone else do like me and say which you wanted and which one you got.

If you want a specific 4* servant, wait for their solo rate up day before rolling, otherwise it’s a real toss up who will come home


It seems they even rolled on the wrong banner.
Fran is on banner 1, Raikou on banner 2.


During Nero Bride’s last rate up (Nerofest 3) i got Penthesilea, Astolfo and Vlad Berserker but no Nero or Nero Bride.

During the Brynhildr banner on the same Nerofest, i got OG Artoria… for the 3rd time.

They aren’t even on the same banner. Raikou came with the event’s second banner while Fran is on the 1st alongside Nero


I wanted Nitocris, I love her as a character and I think she’s one of the most beautiful summer servants in the game.

But… I was stupid and rather than waiting for her solo rate up I summoned right after the start of the event. No Nito, no Summer Umu but I got NP2 Nobbu plus Atalante, Lobo and Valkyrie so I really can’t complain.

Next year I plan to summon on Avenger Nobbu’s banner to get Mori Nagayoshi, so maybe I can even NP5 my Summer Nobbu


Jelly you got Raikou, when I rolled fir her, I got Blavasky instead. Good thing her mats were readily available. Got her to 6skills n max level already which is nice.

A few weeks ago I decided to give it a shot in the Skadi banner and threw 10 tickets at it. I think it was the 7th or so when I got a gold card. A gold caster. Could it really be? A SSR from a ticket?

Of course not!

It was Circe. But since I lacked offensive casters, I didn’t really complain…

900+ SQ only to get 9 copies of Fujino but no Void Shiki. I will get her on the New Years summoning the year after next, though.

This bunny costume will be MINE!


Last year I rolled for Maid Alter and ended up with Helena…she’s still Level 1 because of my own salt and because I have other archers.


rolled on the wrong banner and ended up getting NP3 Helena as opposed to NP2 Raikou lancer that I was aiming for, without any SSRs after 330SQ.

I was rolling for Lancer Raikou last year and got spooked by Orion and Nightingale.

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you can’t get fran (saber) on the banner with raikou(lancer) since fran(saber) is banner 1 and raikou(lancer) is banner 2
if i’m not mistanken then banner 1 is Caster Nero, Frank(saber),Nobuzerker
banner 2 is Maid(alter),helena(archer),raikou(lancer)
so its your own fault here cause u roll on the wrong banner not gacha luck
at least tab on the summon info first if u are not sure who is on the rate up banner

I mean, now i honestly don’t get mad nor sad for this things, but maybe Mordred, i rolled in the banner of Hijikata after reading a thread about him and i get hyped up, one lag and rainbow later was a Saber card and was Mo, that’s all

Rolled on Medb’s banner got Astolfo instead

I saved for about 4 months for Okita Alter, and after spending 500 SQ I ended up with Anastasia.

I was salty at first; didn’t really understand her appeal. But I’m using her way more than my other offensive Casters, and I eventually loved her :joy:. Not the gold I wanted, but not bad either. I’d have used Okita Alter less.


Nito instead of Bikini Mama.

Not dissimilar from @Stonee, although I already loved her and knew her appeal (and in fact NP1->2 made a highly meaningful difference, more so than usual). No Mama though, whoof…

I tossed my tickets at the GUDAGUDA 3 banner, hoping to get Okitan and Izou. Managed to get NP1 Izou and… Jeanne d’Arc?!?

Needless to say, I was not disappointed. In fact, it worked out better than I hoped!


I woulda loved to have gotten an SR from the part 1 banner. I got spooked by non-summer servants…FOUR TIMES…rolling for Saber Fran trying to get her to NP2 (I rolled her last year.) I DID get Umu Caster to NP2 (rolled her last year too) which was the only thing that kept me sane by the end of that night…

I remember wanting Caster Gilgamesh in the Babylonia Banner, that ended very bady though. I can still cry just remembering that moment.