Got another Peony, another Mirabilis - now what?

Peony is +Hp -Spd, Mirabilis +Def -Atk.

I already have both on neutral IV-s (Mira was 41st pull), and to be able to follow various guides neutral unmerged Peony is better. Mirabilis prolly won’t figure in the guides so often, but you never know.

Peony – Should I keep or fodder? (fodder what? and to which unit?)
Mira – Keep, fodder, or merge? I don’t have any other units with her A-B-C skills except Idunn (and she stays right where she is), but are those skills so good

For the favor of keeping them is also that sometimes in chain challenge my original team gets killed (for various reasons), and to be able to copy the first team saves lot of trial-and error.

I am not sure that 2 Peonys or Miras in the same team is very helpful, 2 x Eir at least heals 10 +10, and both can be danced.


I’d just hold on to both marked as potential fodder for now. You don’t have to know what to do with them if nothing comes to mind right now. So I have a fodder tab, or light blue favorited units tab, where I keep all my potential fodder units - most I don’t turn into manuals right away. Then they sit there and when I get an idea, like a really good idea I’ve thought about for a bit, then I fodder them.

So yeah, just save them for now. Peony would be useful foddering her B Dual Flying and Fortify Res 4 away to a +10 blue flyer you want to use in arena, or Aerobatics and the fortify res.

Mirabilis is great for either of her A, B, C slots.

Before I fodder anyone, I usually create builds using a unit builder and sit on it awhile to see if I really want to do it. I also don’t fodder great skills away to half-hearted merge projects or spur-of-the moment passion projects I won’t complete or who are too expensive to merge up.

Hope some of that helps.


It’s helpful to have 2 copies of each

Double Peony during light season is useful and double Mira on Anima is also a decent defense foundation.


Ehh, I expect it’ll be many years before I feel constricted in Tier 18, and even more before I will have any +10 merge. (I’ll start thinking over +1 when the unit has 20+ manuals, and when all other units are at least +1)

Yep, that’s one reason I can’t bring myself to inherit or merge without asking more knowledgeable advice. I’m never sure if a rare (for me) skill is actually a good one. :smile:

Then I need to find somebody to replace Rein, as Eir is too useful… Worth trying it out.

This will never happen. And if it does, expect a map to hand out the neutral IV one. I know you got the neutral one from the Awakening banner, but not everyone did. The units used in F2P guides use units given to ALL players, with the only exception being the Brave units. Which PM1 always polls his followers to see which one to pick. So you can safely merge or keep 2 copies (never a bad idea either) of Mirabilis.

Peony - yes you definitely need to keep them separate. Merging will change AI movement when following guides. You can start a merged project on this summoned one to use in AR light, MS, etc. That’s what I did with L! Ike and Fjorm. Or just keep her around in case you want the fodder. I wouldn’t manual either of them.

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