Got Caster Nero, what commands cards are recommended for Illya, and support set placement?

Hello I rolled for the caster roll and got Caster Nero. Was hoping a support one but it is what it is.

My question is I saw she’s a good farmer so I want to level her up and put up so people can use Nero. But I have Ilya lv100. Was wondering which spot is better two place both of them. Idk which the people like better to find servants of farming and attack.

Also since Illya is my fav what command cards do you peps reccomend on her?

I saw the Halloween one could be nice for her “white vessel command seal” cures a debuff so could it cure her negative
def or attack that causes her NP?

This is what I placed them for now

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I’d say to put your Caster Nero in Caster slot. She might not be the support most would look for in that slot, but not everyone has access to a strong AoE Caster. And in a farming situation, if it’s not the “farming machine” it’s the “farming machine enabler” that people would pick.
Well, actually…in an event self-sufficient rosters only want the Event Drop CEs…

Illya, on the other hand, should be in all, since she clearly is your favorite. I’d surely pick her, there’s many Illyas I pick only because it’s her, not to even use her. If I needed ST Caster for specific harder content needs though, I’d always pick her before my Mecha Liz. Especially if she’s grailed and has a powerful CE like Heaven’s Feel.

That command code would be nice on Illya in case her Third Skill’s Debuff Immune doesn’t proc. However, do remember It only removes one at a time, and it’s random which debuff is removed.

Also Grailed Chloe. Nice. Good Civ.


Thanks I will flip them places then.

Yes was wondering if it would but having that debuff removed any of them is good.

Yes she is my fav trying to get her mats and finally having her on 10,10,10

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