Gotta Catch Em All - Baeber Edition

How many of versions of Baeber do you have? Was scrolling through when I realized why I’m in fang hell.


ive never seen so many Artoria’s in one place before

Hence, the saberface jokes… for a while, DW just kept releasing Artoria variants. I still need them to release a caster version, since they released a Foreigner, MHXX.

not that im complaining

i love Artoria haha

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All of My Altrias!

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Morgana la fae is supposed to be a Altria face so Lost belt 6 maybe?

Till then Nero will have to fill that spot!

Awesome! I see you are leaning more towards the Alter side. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know that… But not quite Baeber herself…

Guess I can live with the compromise. :D

Well maybe they might release a new version of MHXA as a caster?

I think she really is the only version of Altria who could fit that role. Maybe a summer version?

Or Saber Wars II: The chocoholic strikes back?

Very disappointed in how underwhelming OG Seiba is in this game, though. :(

Other Saberfaces:
• Jeanne
• Okita
• All 3 versions of Umu
• Both Mordreds

And yeah, perpetually in fang hell. Da Vinci lotto has fangs, right?

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In retrospect, she is a poor SSR - but she was my first and basically carried me in the early parts of the game. I do agree though… for her lore and supposedly amazing stats, she isn’t viable in many situations. I usually just slap a kscope on her for dailies.

Impossible to get out of fang hell. It’s like QP hell.

I think MHX Alter as a caster in Saber Wars would be appropriate, seeing as they’ve released two “normal” MHXs, I would balance it out with 2 MHX Alter.

I had like 200 fangs after that heart hunting quest. Now I’m down to 73—and they’re already spent on Archuria’s skills come UmuFest.

Lartoria and Okita will have to wait :sleepy:

10/10 - Would Whale for her


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So I guess we are all spam running the part 1 round 4 free quest for the fangs?

Nito in particular is nice as the gold drops can be turned in for qp

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I have excatly zero artoria. But kirei force my gacha luck to pick FREE laltoria When the tickets come due to my zero gold lancers


Then I could put Arturia, Mordred, and morgana in a group for the most awkward family reunion ever!

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No freakin clue why Okita needs fangs…

I’ve spent 803 fangs on Artorias and Okita so far. I still need hundreds more to level up skills on remaining Artorias and Mordred. Plus whoever else I’m forgetting.

I’ve thought about it…except I need bones more right now. :see_no_evil:

Back to Fuyuki for me :fgo_deadinside:

Throw in Merlin.