GP FEH SubDiscord 2Yr Ani

Well, here’s a post :feh_nino:

So, given the discord is reaching its two year anniversary and both GP and it have changed a fair bit, thought it’d be worth making a new post for it.

Some of the OGs will remember the initial posts for it but since then it’s mainly existed and some older members have since moved over.

Why was it made in the first place?

  • Its original purpose was to be somewhere the FEH players here could go to avoid spamming the forums, but over the two years its become more than that.
    These days its somewhere even those who’ve moved on from FEH or now play games like GI, FGO, etc can still communicate with others.

Why are you promoting it now?

  • To be honest, its getting rather stagnant. Not much has changed in terms of regulars and events, though I do hope to change that. Some new people and a fresh rework would be those changes.

The hell do you even have?

  • We have a large section for FEH like before, but we now have section for games like FGO, GI, Smash, and more.
  • We have a shamble of a tier list, with our own views, rules and judgements.
  • A variety of bots for all sorts, from music, FE info, and even slapping people because yes.
  • And a lot more which is all listed in the server itself, I’m low key rushing this before work :feh_nino:

What’s changed since two years ago?

  • New channels
  • New bots
  • Changes to the mod team.
    A large one being that I have since stepped down as administrator due to the stress and having a full time job.
  • Events are now held and will be expanded upon in the future.

Why is this post low key bland?

  • Hey, I’m on a tight schedule here, bear with me. :feh_notlikethis:

Anyway, I may make a follow up post, but if you’re interested PM one of the following people:


My name is in the title. All I wanted to say


I almost made it in the title.


%slap @Kupic


Man, you and me both. :feh_veronicaoof:

Can’t wait to take a long ass vacation…