GP Newsletter 1 (3.13.19) - So many posts!

Hey, welcome to the first official newsletter for GamePress’s Community! I’m gonna be as transparent as possible so that you guys know exactly what’s in store for your forum. I plan on making these posts regularly – either BiWeekly or Monthly. Let me know how often you’d like to see them.

What’s Poppin’?

There are a few things to check out in the forum right now!

Personal Thoughts
GamePress HQ News
Ads are incoming...
Features/Bugs/Dev stuff!
Thank you to these users for the help with the forum!
Did you know?

Thanks for reading this newsletter. Let us know what you’d like to see in these! If you have questions, post them below!

Lastly, if you continue to read these Newsletters and click the Like button/Reply to this Newsletter and the next two Newsletters, you’ll earn a special Badge for keeping up with the community news! :v:

– Justin


Just wanted to pass on my congratulations.
Adding forums is a big job and the team seem to have achieved ‘go live’ seamlessly - and that is indeed impressive.

…so thanks for the teams’ efforts , and congratulations on the successful rollout.


Thanks for your work and for the report. Good things to look forward to, and more importantly, very nice to feel connected to the staff. I’m going to miss the nested format for replies on the Q&A but I’m willing to give the new system a try.


Thanks for the news. as for the how often the news should be, If Weekly it might be more detailed and short and you don’t have to read as much when compared to a monthly but with a monthly it will take longer to read but you only need to read them atleast once a month instead of every week.

but that’s just me. and already thought that you were a guy and I think I’m right because of your name.


First… Thank You for this forum. I know we already had that ‘Thank You’ topic but I really can’t say this enough. Seriously, you guys are amazing.

I’ve no problem with having ads and understand the need. I’m sure you guys know how annoying they can be so no doubt you’ll make them as bearable and unobtrusive as possible.

Yeah, the reply chains get quite confusing. Especially when an answer in the Q&A tags gets voted and then gets moved up. Also, quick question, but will the Quote from using the reply button quote the entire post or will be contracted to something like “Etc, etc, etc, etc, etc…” And then just trail off into ellipses after the first line or two? Quoting and showing the entire post, especially a long one, would probably get annoying quick

Looking forward to see how this all goes forward.

Again, thanks for all the hard work.:+1:

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I also want to thank all of you again for all the blood sweat and tears you put into this site!

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Also Thank you for all the work you put into this forum, even though there are still some things I don´t like as much as they were in the old Q+A Section or which I still have to get used to, the overall feeling is really nice and much better than the old one.
(Still a little bit confused why I don´t get the badge for completing my profile since I did this but well XD )

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Aww, thanks.

And err, yeah, the badges have been kinda odd, aha. We’ll see if we can figure them out but a lot of the default ones are pretty back-end.

Thank you very much Impulse and others who worked so hard to keep this forum up and buzzing! There are certainly some situations where the old Q&A will be better but so far this forum format has really helped sort the topics of interest, which is always good for people with time constraints. Keep it up, we’ll be rooting for you guys ^^

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I’m just here to get the ‘In the Loop’ badge, don’t mind me

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I wonder what happened to the monthly newspaper?

GP Newsletter 6 when :birbpeek:


badge :D