GP Newsletter 2 (3.28.19) - Moving Forward

Hey, welcome to the second official newsletter for GamePress’s Community! Overall, things are looking solid, and you all have been great.

What’s Poppin’?

There are a few things to check out in the forum right now!

Personal Thoughts
GamePress HQ News
Features/Bugs/Dev stuff!
Did you know?

And lastly, a poll because you guys seem to like polls a lot! For… some reason…

The mods and I want to see you guys socializing outside of the game categories a bit more so that you can get to know everyone else outside of your game. If that’s something you’re not interested in, well, let us know!

Not posting outside of game discussion categories?

  • Home page is too cluttered
  • Nothing to do outside of game discussions
  • Not interested in posting outside of discussion categories
  • There are other categories?
  • Other (post below)

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In other words, how can we help you guys start mingling in the Lounge? That’s where threads like the recent Borderlands discussion should be (as well as the Creative Corner for Cathaline’s awesome art thread). Please post below so I can help!

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– Justin


I truly don’t understand this. Why do people like polls so much? :joy:


I think the more important question is why you don’t like polls? It’s illogical to not like them.

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I don’t like them, but I don’t dislike them. It’s just that people are posting polls every two seconds, lol.

Polls are basically Culture at this point.
GP’s Culture that is.

I think that people don’t go to the Lounge cause it’s either…
1.) they don’t know that there are other categories aside from their own and the other games.
2.)People generally only talk about things that they like and or have something in common with other people, with the FEH community we talk about FEH stuff, FGO talks about FGO stuff, PoGO talks about PoGO stuff. but what do FEH people and FGO people talk about? maybe anime, maybe character designs.
3.) People are just shy to talk about things that are not related to their own game categories.


People mainly come to GP for game advice, so the Lounge (which is more a forum thing and not a game advice website thing) isn’t getting much traction yet.
Hopefully as the forum develops, more people will mingle to the Lounge.
In the meantime, maybe start some more activities there! (Use polls to your advantage :stuck_out_tongue:)


I wouldn’t mind mingling but, games in general aside, any topic would still be a hit or miss thing and someone would have to be at least a little invested in keeping the conversation going.

Not sure how well it would have worked out but my cousin was one step away from posting a “Best/Most Epic Battles” thread showing off their Salter Memorial battle and urging people from other games to post their own.

My cousin decided otherwise at the last minute as they were a bit nervous that NON-FGO players would see it as bragging or something like ‘FGO is better than your game’ sort of thing.

I was both interested but also a bit wary of how it would be received.

So… Anyone have any cross-forum conversation ideas? :sweat_smile:


I kinda want to avoid getting involved with the other games at the moment because my current addiction takes up enough of my time (and money).

I am especially wary of the Fire Emblem Category because I am an old fan of that game series and am certain I would get addicted to it too. I just don’t have the time or the money to spare :sob:

As for the lounge I am sure I will work my way there in due time.

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Haha, You’re always welcome to enter the FEH Community.


What’s the lounge?

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I’m here mainly to discuss FEH. If I want to socialize, I prefer people I will meet physically. But just out of regard for the devs, why did you want people who play different games to mix?

It’s a good question, and not one I have a definite answer for. On past forums that I’ve frequented their general off-topic sections are pretty bustling. People who chat together about a game tend to eventually chat about other things as well.

The way our forums here are set up are a tad different because each game category has its own little community - the FEH category regulars tend to chat for fun in #fluff threads. So instead of the overall forum having one “Off-topic” section that everyone congregates in, each of the categories uses their #fluff categories instead.

That we have multiple “Lounges” isn’t necessarily a problem that demands a solution; there’s pros and cons to having distinct groups. The tricky part is that it poses an interesting problem for moderation when we get threads like the Borderlands one. It isn’t related to FEH at all - but if we move it to the Lounge, there’s the risk of it not having any traffic at all. This is a problem all similar “Not FEH related” threads will have - and with how blazingly fast the FEH section moves, topics can get buried pretty quickly.

If people are happy with keeping their activity limited to each categories, the staff and I consider working around it by hosting more local activities inside each of the categories instead. Having a bunch of little non-mingling communities is something that I’m personally not familiar with in my past experience, so it came as a surprise to me.

I think the reason for people not talking in the lounge is, that most of us here only play one of those games - or at least - are only really active in one of those. For example me, the only game I play of those is FEH, sure I played PoGo a while, but I´m here for FEH content.
So since most of us here are focused on one game, we only really “know” the people that are here in the same part of the forum as we are. We know each others favorite characters, and general opinions on stuff, or at least since we´ve been here for a while now (maybe even from the old O+A section), there is some sort of group feeling involved.
For not posting outside of a certain games topic I think it´s more like: When you have something to say to people it feels more right/ it feels mor natural to got somewhere where you know some/a lot of people, because since you know them for a while (even if just reading their posts or questions/answers) you care what they have to say to some extent. Because it´s in some cases not only some person sitting behind a computer, its more like someone who cares for you. We had a few cases like that before which show how caring this community really is, when it comes to personal issues, or life in general, like @Lain for example leaving here for a few months or weeks because of problems in RL, but there was no one who made fun, just people who supported and were there to talk (at least it seemed like it, correct me if I´m wrong Lain :slight_smile: )

So in short everyone might just post there where he feels most familiar with his surroundings, where he knows people or at least is interested in feedback.



The FEH community and every single one in here is an awesome person and I’m happy to be a part of them.

Couldn’t ask for better people to write BS with.



4 months later…