GP Newsletter 3 (4.11.19) - 6 Weeks!

Hey, welcome to the third official newsletter for GamePress’s Community! Looks like things have settled into their norm, and we’re steadily plowing ahead. I may slow down how often these are released now since development work is finishing up on the forum. Cheers!

What’s Poppin’?

There are a few things to check out in the forum right now!

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GamePress HQ News
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Oh, and @Someone_Person, this birb emoji is for you and me :birbpeek:.

Thanks for keeping up with GamePress’ news! In 5 days, I’ll be checking and issuing those badges for liking/replying to these past 3 newsletters. Cheers, and I’m glad having you guys around.

– Justin


Be warned: this will be everywhere on the forum now. :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously though. Thanks @Impulse. It means a lot that you spend time making things like this (which are completely nonessential) for the community to use.


Huh. I wonder who that is… :thinking:
Also rip Nowi, Sothe, Mist, & Grima. (Fire Emblem characters for those who don’t know) :pensive:
I wonder who everyone else is… :thinking:

What's that?



Just gonna say this but the amount the FEH category posts outnumbers everything not FEH combined.
FEH has 2,150 and the others combined only add up to 1,101.

the FEH community just posts so many things:
Questions about units
Question about if “X unit’s” build is good
Questions if “x unit” is best girl
Questions who is the hottest guy/girl
Polls(freakingPolls are everywhere)

yeah it’s really lively.


For those farming badges, quick links to the first two Newsletters:


I noticed that too.

I didn’t know FE was that popular. As a Fan of the series (though I play FGO instead) That makes me happy! Though I like to see the Fate community grow to the same size :fgo_umu:

Honestly, I thought the Pokémon Go and dragon ball communities would be the biggest.


The FEH community could just post more, despite not outnumbering PoGo, DBL, and FGO players (although they probably do)
The FEH community also has the longest running threads (Kiss-Marry-Kill & Memes) both of which are very easy to keep going and make excessively long.
I’m sure if the other communities made meme threads, they would get a lot more posts as well.

It’s also very easy to ask Q&A questions for FEH (every new heroes banner, there’s going to be a flood of posts asking for builds) Sure, you could do similar things for the other games as well, but the way FEH is structured makes people ask questions like those a lot.

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Aaaye, cute :birbpeek:

How do I like this comment more than once on one account?

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Part of why Feh is so lifely is because there’s so much to say about every single unit

I really like Fate Go, but you can’t customize every unit beyond the craft esscense and team building

In feh you have the inheritance system that allows you to switch weapons, assist skills, specials and 3 types of passives. Plus the seals.
There’s a lot to say, thus a lot of posts


Badges have been awarded for those of you who have “farmed” them! Thanks again to everyone for keeping up with our news. We’ll do our best to continue and keep you all informed.


My last thingy for the badge

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You finally noticed that badge? :birbpeek:

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