GP Newsletter 5 (6.24.19)

Hey, welcome to the fifth official newsletter for GamePress’s Community! Quite a few changes and little tweaks have happened over the past few weeks and I wanted to recap the updates we’ve done for you guys.

What’s Poppin’?

Since the newsletters are pretty much monthly, this section can get really quickly outdated with how fast paced things can be. Of note, FEH is finishing up prep for Round 4 of Mafia, and look forward to FGO Mafia as well run by @lordhelpme!

Personal Thoughts
Changes to Forum
  • TL3 (Regular) changes: Adjusted so that active users in smaller categories don’t need to visit other sections to inflate their % of topics viewed.
    Posts in unique topics needed over the past 100 days: 10->30
    Topics viewed and percentage of posts: 10%->2%
    Minimum duration as TL3 before a demotion can happen: 14->30 days
  • Quality of Life Changes clearly not for Mafia hosts
    Max mentions per post upped from 10 to 25
    Max PM’s per day upped from 20 to 30
    Max Likes base doubled from 100 to 200 per day
  • Site Layout:
    Categories collapse into fewer for smaller games
    Creative Corner merged into Lounge
    Other Games categories created
GamePress HQ News
Features/Bugs/Dev stuff!
Did you know?

Finally, a poll: How do you like the new Forum homepage defaulting to “Latest?” Do you prefer the old format?

New Format

Old Format

No Preference

What did you think was gonna be here? :catdance:

    • New Format (Latest)
    • Old Format (Categories + Latest)
    • No preference
    • What is the meaning of life

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Thanks for keeping up with GamePress’ news! As always, I’m around to answer any questions and address any concerns that you may have had.

– Justin


thank u impulse

very cool!!


Hey Impulse!
Thanks for releasing these newsletters.
They’re wonderful for letting us know what’s happening in the forum. :birbpeek:
I personally like the old format, but I could see why people prefer the newer one.

This makes sense. Each community seems to be in it’s own little bubble, and don’t meet people from outside. (Besides the Regular’s Club, where we talk about how we’re all Impulse) :catroll:

I wonder who that could be for… :birbpeek:

We’re trying our best everyone. Be ready to start soon! :feh_nino:
I hope you’re all excited for some Mafia! :birbpeek:
I might peek into the FGO Mafia as well, despite not being in that community.

Thanks again for all the notices Impulse! :birbpeek:



I particularly like the quality of life changes.

Thank you and all the staff for your hard work for the forum and the GP site :clap:


Can wait for being @ 20 times for the game while I’m sleeping



Thank you all for your hard work! You all are awesome for maintaining this site!

I think the old format looks more appealing to the eye. I still see why the other one would be desired though.




No mention of the changes made for Regular title?

neither format matters to me, since I only ever go to the fgo section myself currently. but forum categorization on the main page should be the standard imo, so old format

*Nervous laughter
Why would you think that?

Changes? Oh, TL3 is Regular. I should have clarified that. Editing that part of “Changes to Forum” for clarity.

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Yah new newsletter!

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New profile picture? :birbpeek:
Does Lord really like beans or something?

See his profile picture? The things I go through for this bean


I saw :birbpeek:
Did you plan it?

He did :feh_nino:

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Who is that in the profile picture? :thinking:

Mine is BB and his is Meltryllis from fate.

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They look so similar, I thought it was the same person :thinking:
Wow I’m dumb :catroll:
Why did you pick these two specifically? :thinking:

They are kinda the same person, there’s a whole group of lookalikes. They were made from different aspects of a singular character’s (Sakura Matou) personality.