GP Tier list



how dare you insult the tier tier list

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This list made me think


I get the feeling I made this way too complicated for no reason also.

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what’s with y’all’s recent obsession with tier lists

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Because that’s how GP works.

Tomorrow we’re doing the whole JoJo pfp thing.

You did your best and I appreciate that, but not everyone is going to be able to wrap their heads around this one. Just something to consider going forward, you know

I’ve never watched Jojo, so…


Not sure if words of inspiration or actual disappointment.

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You’re missing out.

@Holdvar’s got the right idea.

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I would like to start watching Animes, but my mom likes watching Netflix a lot.

Hold on a sec, don’t tell me you’ve never watched an anime.

Also, Part 1 and Part 2 of JoJo are on Netflix.

Here’s what I’ve watched:

-Pokemon ones (if that counts)
-Episode 1 of K-On!
-Episode 1 of One Piece
-Episode 1 of… I forgot the name, but it was an anime with foxgirls tending to a hotel of sort, I believe.

It was only episode 1 for most of these because YouTube.

I am sorry to disappoint.

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Neither, they’re something…


Damn, didn’t know you felt like that Bow. That actually hurt my self esteem a bit.

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