GP website issues

I have been getting error messages more frequently over the past week where the GP site doesn’t load and I get an error message about technical difficulties and the website being temporarily unavailable. This seems to come and go, but strangely my link to the community pages loads just fine and this only happens with the main GP page for any of the games. I have not seen anyone else mention this in the forums, so is this only something that I am seeing recently or are others also having issues with this?

I had that 2-3 days ago, couldn’t reach the site for a whole evening.

It was likely an error with the hosting service, not the website itself.

Yeah, it has been touch and go for me. Sometimes only certain pages load (maybe saved to my cache or something?) while the homepage won’t load for instance. This morning (6:00PST or so) the site wouldn’t load for me. Yesterday everything was fine.