GPC Summoner Duel League Season 1 Announcements

As there is a demand for this, let’s do it. This is the finalized ruleset, there is just an update regarding result recording.

League Format:

  • 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss. Points accrued in each match will also be recorded.
  • Should a player no-show or forfeit the match at any point in the middle of the match, it will count as a 10-0 (0 scored, 10 lost) loss.
  • If there is a tie, use head-to-head record, then the points differential (points scored - points lost), then the points scored.
  • There will be a Google Form for the result submission of each match. The winner of the match (or the blue side should it be a draw) will be in charge of submitting the results. Instructions will be given on the day of the tournament.
  • The League will split into 2 separate rounds; the preliminaries will be a single round-robin, while the championship round will either be single or double depending on the number of players in the tournament.


  • All units are allowed.
  • Time limit: 30 seconds.
  • Map: Auto (Random) LONG RIVER
  • Lv. 40, No Support: On
  • (Canto Clause) Each team can only have at max 1 unit with [Canto] in their abilities (This includes weapons such as Reginn’s Lyngheiðr, exclusive abilities such as Brave Eirika’s Moonlight Bangle, and Trace skills).
  • No streaming required. Just have fun. :feh_faedance2:


Registration: 2021-12-12T07:00:00Z2021-12-15T07:00:00Z
Preliminaries: 2021-12-18T07:00:00Z
Championship: 2021-12-19T07:00:00Z


For communication about the league, you can join the repurposed GamePress FEH League Discord Channel. If you so wish you can stream there as well.


ah, still random map rule :feh_nahquestion:
At the moment we can’t practice on anything else than Long River in Favored Battle.

Well, i guess i won’t participate in season 1 :feh_genny_mug:



Like this post, if you prefer the map to be set to Long River for the first season. :feh_faedance2:

EDIT: Already done lol.


Me on my way to sign up knowing full well I’m gonna get bodied

But in all seriousness, I’m really excited for this! And with the “Level 40, No Support” restriction being on, I’m gonna have a lot more units to pick from!
Now I just gotta cook up a good team… :feh_arthurthink:


You can check all the maps layout without going into a match from the main screen.

From what I can tell, long river is the most oppressive for canto Cavs, so the canto clause is going to make it easier on everyone when we hit those other maps.

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Yes i’m aware. :feh_catria:

It doesn’t mean much compared to actually playing them 'tho. Just like any game :>.
Real experience is often better to improve.

I also could attempt to practice them in free duel with IRL friends or ppl from the internet.
But that’s just not practical for me.

I’d rather wait for those map to be released in the main mode, looks more fair. :feh_myrrhthink:


I get it. There’s definitely going to me a meta movement type for each map, and obviously Cav is dominating long river.


I’m ready to lose Round 1 lol

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Before I sign up, I do have questions about the time of the matches, because based on the dates I will be busy with work at the beginning of the day until 4 pm est so I am curious about how scheduling these matches work, will they be more on availability or will there be a set time. Because I would rather not cause trouble because I was not able to attend any match because of work.


Sounds fun and all but there’s little chance I’ll actually be awake at 1 AM so imma have to pass

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Changing this to no-sub to kinda organize it better as a site tournament.


I’ll be joining but I’ll probably have to change up my team a bit. Inigo is definitely not going to be able to hold his own even with TA in this gamemode without all the proper support given previously.


You will know your groups before the day of the rounds, so you can discuss with the other participants to align the schedule with each other. This is meant to be more of a casual tournament to have fun with nothing on the line (except probably some role on GPC lmao), so just enjoy it. :feh_faedance2:


Cool now I just need to figure out a team, my current one relies too much on sac plays to work.


Seems that quite a bit of people want to go with Long River in the first season. So that is changed. :feh_ceciliaculture:


Much as I love to join, I’ll be working on those 2 days :catcry:


24 hours left before registration close!

Please ensure that you register before the deadline so that I have time to organise the groups. :feh_flaynsmile:


As some people asked, I will allow for team switching as long as it is before the Bracket announcement since I will make all the information available for public viewing then.

Please inform me via PM or Discord if you wish to change your team anytime before Friday. :feh_faedance2:


Registration is now closed! There will be 15 participants for the tournament.

Finalised Format:

  • There will be 3 groups in total, each group contains 5 players.
  • Round 1 will be a Single Round-Robin. The winner of each group will move on to the Championship Round.
  • Championship Round will be a Double Round-Robin. Winner of this round will be crowned champion.
  • If there are any changes to the teams before the tournament, please ensure that you contact me (DM / Discord) before the start of the tournament.
  • Team information for all participants will be available for scouting on 2021-12-17T07:00:00Z. Keep a lookout to this page!

Group Stage

Group A

  • Tomatoes
  • Renegade
  • Ani
  • Pokehunter
  • Qwe1/2

Group B

  • Varus
  • Mike Hunt
  • Seiken
  • KindofLethal
  • Marie

Group C

  • CohTahSoa
  • Aril
  • TMFM
  • Lysithea <3
  • Adonis

Please join the Discord Server so that you can discuss within the group on when you will be free for the fixtures on Saturday. :feh_faedance2:


Where da form for scoring?