Grado's Finest - Duessel Appreciation Topic

Greetings, GamePress FEH community. Although I am not an active poster here, I frequent and lurk the site often, especially in the Jugdral threads. And while I tend to identify or come across as a Jugdral enthusiast nowadays, I have not forgotten my roots with the series.

That all began with the Sacred Stones, my first FE.

Of the FE8 cast, Duessel was, by far, my favorite and was my most requested addition for FEH, having enjoyed his characterization and gameplay very much. I have been playing FEH since close to launch and have watched several of my favorite characters from across the series get shafted over the years, including but not limited to Quan, Ced, and Seth.

Knowing my luck with my favorites making their FEH debut, I had low hopes and expectations for Duessel only to be taken by complete shock when his stats and kit were unveiled. A min-maxed stat distribution without veteran BST, along with a formidable Prf and decent skills. He was spared. And despite the oversaturation of the lance cavalry pool, I appreciated the fact he came in as a lance unit instead of axe, mainly since lance was always my favorite weapon type and that I liked his support conversation with Cormag that alluded to his Prf lance. With amazing art, voice, and combat utility, it was definitely more than I hoped for. Essentially an armored unit with cavalry mobility.

Aside from FE, I also happen to be an enjoyer of East Asian history and literature. I don’t know if anyone else here, besides @SwordGuy, are familiar with Romance of the Three Kingdoms or plays the Musou games, but do you know who Duessel reminds me of?

THIS absolute badass of a general.

That was Cheng Pu (154 - 213 AD), a veteran officer of remarkable foresight and skill who participated in numerous battles during the later Han Dynasty and served the Sun family for three generations. His appearance was also described as handsome. Being the oldest of the senior officers at the peak of his career, many would often address him as “Master Cheng” to show their respect. Several media adaptations often depict him donning red armor and wielding his own special lance, the serpent spear. Very striking similarities.

Before I digress any further, here are two of my most used skillsets for Duessel.

The first one is my primary skillset. The intent was to capitalize entirely off of his two strongest stats, which allow him to muster up as much firepower as possible to secure and eliminate threats quickly, as well as becoming nearly impervious to all physical attacks. The combined effects of his Prf and native Lull B passive make for tremendous synergy with Heavy Blade, ensuring his accelerated Special procs and +5 true damage per hit under most circumstances. Meanwhile, the Atk/Def Menace and Solo passives further bolster his ability to proc Heavy Blade, leading to even more powerful Bonfire procs. While the lack of significant RES investment here may slightly compromise his ability to withstand magical threats, I still find it plenty sufficient in most cases, thanks to the ATK debuffs from his Prf, Lull, and Menace effectively providing him both DEF and RES.

The second set involves actually putting his mixed defenses to use. I have experimented with Distant Counter for a short time, which worked to pretty great effect, though his SPD almost always leaves him vulnerable to a second hit, not to mention this also means sacrificing some of his bulk. Not too long after Zeke dropped, I decided to ditch DC completely and focus purely on mitigating damage as Zeke is better optimized for DC builds anyways, given his weapon freeing his A slot, and making Duessel a “worse Zeke” was the last thing I wanted to do. This is partly the reason I tend to favor the first set more, since it allows Duessel to fulfill a powerful niche that truly makes him a force to be reckoned with. It is something that cannot be replicated to quite the same extent by Zeke, though Zeke is not half bad at running that set either, of course.

To this day, it still amazes me how well FEH treated him, though it still saddens me how he doesn’t have Cipher art of his own. Now I wait for Glen, the last of the Grado six generals to be added.

Thanks for visiting! For those who also enjoy this character, whether it is the FE8 or FEH incarnation, discussion and build sharing is much encouraged!

Cheers! ^-^


Beautiful. I do always love to see dedication to favorites.

Have you considered pairing a/d trace with the first build? Not only could he nuke someone, he could then safely canto away into the sunset.
It’s in divine codes 3 if you are interested.


Much appreciated!

A/D Trace did cross my mind at one point. In the end, I settled with his innate Lull, mainly due to how well it synergizes with Heavy Blade, thanks to field buff negation, which helps his bulk as well.

I do have the skill currently equipped on Quan, however, which I use to help reposition him in a way that enables him to better support his allies via Gáe Bolg’s buffs.


Hell yeah Duessel love

Yeah I also love this guy. Big shock that they didn’t ruin him since like you I’m also a fan of Quan and Seth…
He great character, amazing design and in Feh a solid unit

I can’t go actively merging him because I do love too many lance cavs, and only so many orbs.
But any copy that does come in going on the merge pile. (+3 atm, though I run the base kit)


Many say that Seth carries Sacred Stones, for me Duessel carried Sacred stones despite the dual effectiveness against him, but he is a solid prepromote and an absolute legend, I also feared he would get shafted but he got blessed beyond any possibility, Im really happy with him, he was my favorite character from Sacred Stones along Dozla and more recently Moulder.
I didnt went with full orbs for him on the lulls banner but I sparked him every time it was possible, right now I will get the manual from Normal 3 to add to his merges, while Zeke is a better DC cav, I dont have Zeke and Duessel being able to counter is a big deal against squishy green mages that could kill him if he couldnt counter, still your builds are great and good to know another fellow Duessel Appreciator.

Some artwork/memes/wallpapers I had collected but I dont have the links to:

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One of my biggest hopes in Feh is that Mycen gets the Duessel treatment, he’s awesome too


Saving orbs in case this happens so I can +10 him right away


I have yet to play Shadows of Valentia but from what little I’ve seen of it, he’s pretty great.

Keeping fingers crossed for his fans. ^-^


Now in FE got talent:

This is too cursed watch on your own risk.