Grail advice

So Chulainn has alwas been my favorite servant and now that he’s lvl 99, I’m wondering in which servants I should invest my grails.

The contenders are :

  • Saberlot my favorite knight and main saber forever, no SSR will ever take his place.

  • Ozymandias who will also probably forever be my main rider (I’ll try to roll for Achilles for husbando reasons but I have no idea how good he is). My favorite rider is Kintoki though but I don’t have him and I don’t think I’ll ever get him because E rank luck.

  • GARcher. I’m not sure because I really like him and Archer x Chulainn is one of my favorite pairing (I believe in the beauty of grailing your ships).
    However I have Trispacito and he may end up being my main archer because of my weak spot for the KOTRT guys, which is even weaker when it comes to him and Lancelot (also I prefer quick oriented servants). So he is a contender too.

  • Vlad III my aesthetic goth vampire DILF, he has been a really great berserker to use despite what some might say and I wouldn’t mind getting him to the top, the only place he belongs to.

So who do you think would benefit the most from grails ? :fgo_gudako:


I’m drawing a blank: who is “Garcher” supposed to be? Gil?

Short answer to the question will be to grail for love since none of them need the grails. Stat-wise, Servants like Vlad III will benefit slightly more in ATK, while Ozy will have standard gain. Archers suffer the x.95 modifier, but many of them have excellent internals and kits.

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I have a lvl 90 grailed saberlot and I’ve never regretted it. He’s also my gold fou recipient. I don’t know how much the extra stats actually help, but considering his complete lack of defense and monster crits, they can’t do anything but help.

I’m tempted to grail ozy, but more for husbando reasons. Honestly he doesn’t really need the boost. Not sure if I will, I don’t generally grail past 90.

Vlad, honestly I can’t care for his design no matter how strong he is. Besides he’s competing with enkidu in my pool.

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Who do you use the most? None of them are standout farming servants to just pick the one you use the most. Remember if you are indecisive you do not have to spend your grails right away.

EMIYA. Gar is a pretty old meme.


Garcher is Emiya’s nickname.
And yeah I know it’s better to grail for love but… I love a lot of them. :((

I’m leaning more towards him too I think…

I’m talking about his zerker version though, if I need to precise.

Well I originally wanted to grail Saberlot but it’s just that because I really love several servants, I was curious about the ones which would actually gain a bit from it (especially the 4* ones).

Plus I forgot to mention Waver.



Why not Stheno?


You should Grail your favorites. Why don’t grail everyone in that list? They seem to be your favorite servants.


Well if grails were that easy to come by I would but I used A LOT of them for Chulainn so want to use them wisely.

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If you want to use them wisely you should not level servants past lvl 90. But who cares, most players see the act of grailing as an act of love.


Ah, he’s not quite so hideous as lancer. But I don’t have him so I can’t make a recommendation grail wise. Wouldn’t mind having him since I have all the arts supports though, but not enough to actually roll for him.

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@Buki Yeah I know but as I said, it’s hard to choose sometimes. I guess maybe I’ll try to get my favorite SRs to lvl 90 ?

Same but I got him when I rolled for Waver in the last GSSR banner (luckily for me I also did get Waver).

Personally I think I’d grail the vampire DILF for versatility and the fact I just like him the most out these options lmao.

When I still played JP consistently, Vlad plus Tamamo was my go-to pair for anything difficult too so I don’t think you have to worry about him being useless eventually or anything. This is assuming that you grailed Lancer Cu instead of his lizard version which, like, if you did grail his lancer version to 100 then props to you cause usually that stops at 90 for some reason.

Also as an aside Achilles is phenomenal even without proper support lmao. And you can always borrow a Skadi.


Same, girl. Same. and Sanson

Uhh, grails your favorites + units you use a lot. Robin is my favorite so I brought him to 100. I also like Sherlock and bring him to CQs all the time so he’s also at 100. I gave Arash a grail because I like him too.

If you’re not sure, challenge yourself to 10/10/10 them before you throw grails at them.


@Volta Yeah I grailed lancer Cu lol, I just love him too much. :fgo_dshy:
Thanks for your thoughts on Vlad, he really can be a savior~
Now I really want Achilles oof…

@jakeyb Robin lvl 100 damn that’s what I call good civilisation. If I had Sherlock I probably wouldn’t have hesitated to grail him right after Cu… :fgo_ereshpeek:
But I might just do the skills things, that’s going to kill me though.

just give them all grails equally, problem solved.

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As I said, I would if grails were that easy to find.

Yeah, my rule is that you need less premium stuff first.

We get more lores than grails, so that’s an easy decision. You gotta be 10/10/10 in my Chaldea to get grails.

A lot of those 10/10/10 units are also pushing Bond 10 (Hiji, Arthur, Kiara) so in the future bond levels might also be a consideration.


My Chulainn still isn’t 10/10/110 oop-
But damn it’s going to be a pain for servants like Lancelot (goddamn medals) or Ozy (and his 5000 chains).
I still got time for bond levels, my highest one is 7 for now. For how long have you been playing ?