Grail Fran to 90 or choose NP2 from ticket for the future?

Currently I am farming the lottery nodes with my DSS, Plugsuit BB and a MLB lvl57 scope (I got final copy together with Waifu Sheba in a lucky x10) and 1000/1000 fou 10/9/9 Fran without any issue and I am loving using her so far… Except when it comes to the last difficulty with that damn dragon!

The last wave with Romulus is not a concern when I activate Fran’s def debuff and use plugsuit party attack up to kill both Romans but the problem arise when for some reason I am only 1 percent shy away to get 49% so Skadi can fill it to 100% with her charge against the dragon. I have done a lot of runs and found that if I manage to pummel it’s health to around 55k hp then Fran will have the generation needed to reach the mark.

Since card rng is not reliable half of the time and looking at the others nodes with +80k hp second wave mobs will become a concern in this event and beyond, then increasing my damage to compensate the lack of generation could prove better to kill the other guys harder and quicker. I think. What do you guys think would be better to choose in the long run?


The jump from NP1 to NP2 is typically pretty significant, often more so than ten levels, but that would mean using an SR ticket on a non-limited servant (which admittedly I’ve done before and I also don’t have my own Fran so using a ticket may well be necessary to get another copy depending on whether she decides to show up in your summons).

I guess the question is how often you plan to use her and which is more valuable to you. Is there anyone else you really want to use the SR ticket or grails on? Do you plan on giving her the self-stun-immune CC to greatly improve her gameplay? How invested are you in Fran?

Why not both? NP2 is already the bigger boost, but why not both? The extra ATK helps her as well.

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First, I’m going to link you to this thread which discusses the pros and cons regarding grailing and things to take into consideration before making a decision: PSA: Please Read Before Grailing a Servant

Now, with that out of the way, I need to make sure this is clear: Increased NP levels do not increase NP gen. All it does is make it easier to trigger Overkill sooner. The Overkill is what is giving increased NP regen.

The damage modifier for Fran’s NP1 is 900% after the upgrade. NP2 is 1100% So, the damage increase from NP1 to NP2 would be ~122%

Now, assuming I’m reading the GP’s profile for Fran right, her ATK at 80 is 9441 + 1000 fou = 10441. At 90, it’s 10432 + 1000 fou = 11432. So, 11432/10432 = ~109.6% increase.

So, maybe ~12% short.

Just to get a clearer turn-by-turn picture, I need to ask: At what point do you use Skadi’s Def down?

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1- Nero! So I can have all Neros once and for all.
2- I didn’t know there was a CC with that trait right now. I still haven’t use them.
3- Well, I’m planning to make her 10/10/10 during this event with the lotto but you never know when someone can offer you an alternative to make the best efficient choice before compromising premium resources or not getting OG Nero… again.

I am looking as well for other alternatives first than I haven’t think about that perhaps your guys could offer. But seeing that using Fran is more pleasant to use than my cousin’s DSS Berserkerlot on his account, even if it requires less clicks to do so, I am leaning more on maybe doing both eventually after grailing a Nero and Tamamo to 100. Using his Dantes was more fun and efficient but since he didn’t come home to my Chaldea during summer then I’ll settle with Fran, Atalante, Ushi and Valkyrie.

On second wave I use one def down with her charge, then plugsuit BB to cleanse the stun, finally launch NP.

Last wave I use the other Skadi’s def down, Fran’s debuff on the highest HP opponent and NP buff and shot the NP. So far it is rare for Romulus to survive when Fran can the do the 3-turn loop. Planning on making her 10 in every skill in this event.

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In my experience, ensuring you’re able to successfully loop after the 2nd wave takes priority over being able to kill the 3rd wave in one turn.

So, taking that into consideration…
The damage modifier on Fran’s upgraded NP1 is equal to the modifier on Zerkerlot’s NP3, who I use as my preferred looper. Zerkerlot does get +10% atk each NP and has 1000 atk more, but he doesn’t have any steroids like Fran does, so those can probably make up the difference.

My recommendation is to use either use Fran’s Def Down or her NP buff on W2 instead of both on W3. NP buff would probably be better, since the 30% NP damage buff would affect all three enemies in W2 as opposed to the 30% Def down on a single target. That will make it more likely for you to be able to sufficient Overkill hits on W2 so you don’t need to worry about failing to loop.
On W3, use any two face cards against Romulus, doesn’t matter which ones, but I would prioritize starting with a Buster Card if possible and Fran’s Quick card as 2nd, if it comes up on W3. Have Fran’s NP slotted as the third card. That will provide a small boost to her NP damage, which may be just enough to finish Romulus off. If not, I’m sure Skadi and BB can finish him off on T4.

Get your MLB scope to 100 and go for np2 on the ticket.


I mean, that’s definitely the most efficient way of getting as much damage from her as possible…

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You should just grail Fran to 100 and NP5 her like all people with great taste obvioulsy ! :fgo_pout:

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My own NP5Fran nods vigorously in agreement from her flower garden.

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I kinda want to get Fran so I have an alternative to Zerkerlot for Skadi looping.

Problem is Zerkerlot is NP5 so that’s two tickets at least before she starts having a reason to justify using her aside from bond point memes

@Ryusun Btw, did you ever get the Fran looping to work properly?

So I am a Fran fan and use her often because her NP hits hard when using the def down and NP dmg up skills. That said, I would not recommend grailing her or using a SR ticket to boost NP level. The reason is that she really has no usefulness outside of clearing a single wave with her NP and even within that role she takes some help and setup. The best way to use Fran is to slap a kscope on her and then have a support charge the remainder of the NP gauge and have her clear the first or maybe second wave. She has no defensive skills, so trying to get her to the final wave is risky. Plus the demerit on her NP can make the next 2 turns very unproductive if you have bad card rng and don’t plugsuit her out of there. Do you want to spend some of the most limited resources in the game to invest in a character that has an equally limited use? There is not a ton of difference between Fran and Arash. Arash is more limited in classes that can be targeted, but is much easier to setup and get rid of after the NP is used.

From one of the response OP gave me, BB is being used to bypass the stun via Debuff cleanse + Debuff immunity to enable Fran’s use in DSS. But, yes, outside of very specific set ups, you’re correct.

That’s is the best Fran that everyone need !

Nop, you can three time looping with her with Superskope + double Skadi + BB or Nightingale ! I can easly two time looping right now, just need skadi and she will three time easly which mean for all the lottery farm a five universal slot comp.

Sadly, not yet. Here is why for future reference to your Grailing post or other post like this who ask about Fran.

First option - The use of all defense debuffs on second wave, including the recent change with the assassin hydra, only increased 1% of charge. In the previous node it was fantastic since it made me hit 49% to charge and loop without issues… but that second assassin with 32k hp now is giving me the issue of not dying easily and pummels my charge to 47%. Without double Skadi debuff and only using one it goes to 46%.

Second option - The use of the NP buff and one def debuff by itself also made me reach the mark in the previous node, but in this one it didn’t do much difference with the assassin node. Worse, since it uses the cleanse from BB then Fran in the last wave is a sitting duck.

Third option - Using all of the debuffs and buffs helps reach the mark without issue, but again, the stun is a problem. I explored the forum and started using the CE bombs and my Kscope is now 64 instead of 57. It helped a bit with the numbers but not enough to break the mark yet.

To do at least the looping twice you need at least :

A kscope + Waver + Skadi + BB or Nightingale

Trice you need a superksope and double Skadi.

What is your team exactly ?

Oh, right. The demerit on Fran’s skill would use up the debuff immunity.

How about using Arash for W1?
You’d have to give up a bonus CE slot, but it may make things more stable.

Edit: Alternatively, you can try finding a friend who has a Nightingale.

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