Grail unit after Travant

I’ve been thinking of which grail unit I should have as a project after Travant is done, and ended up landing on Canas. I like the idea of trying to fit with the fact that he is a tactician and wanted to build a defensive Canas at the same time, so this is what I came up with:

It takes set-up but should be Tanzkurs if done right. Would like son feedback.

Shield Session should be changed to Close Counter, or Close Foil. Shield Session is… Okay, but there are arguably better options. His resistance is fine for the most part, so something like Steady Posture 3 is a really good option as well.

I’d probably change Quick Riposte to something like Steady Posture or maybe Swift Stance for the speed increase, but only if you’re going with Steady Posture 3 for the A skill. Otherwise Quick Riposte is fine.

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