Grail Unit Questions - Nothing Important

It’s been a while since this question was asked (or at least since I last asked it, lol) and because we’ve gotten quite a few new units added to the a Grail pool (as well as new users to the community) I figured I should make a bit of an update

I would do a poll but there’s like 66 Grail units, including Rolf, Conrad, Cormag, and Brunnya who have yet to actually be added in, so I figured it would be easier on my thumbs to just ask you guys instead of putting up multiple 65-lined polls and whatnot.


  1. If you could fully merge 4 of your favorite Grail units who would they be?

So basically pick 4 units, preferably ones you haven’t already merged, in the Grail pool to instantly max merge. Favorites could be how they were in their original games, how they perform, how their stats look, etc.

  1. What kind of theme would the units have if they were to be put on the same team?

Hair color, color scheme, seasonal, simply favorite, etc.

  1. If you could alter the stats of two Grail units, who would they be and why do you want it to be that way?

Two units that have stats that you aren’t happy with. Make the stat changes reasonable (so no changing Rinea to have extremely over the top BST or anything like that).

  1. If you got to pick the units for the next refine update, what two Grail units would you put in?

This could be personal thing, as in you don’t have to really worry about things like what gen the unit is, who needs it more, etc. You can base your answer on those things, but you don’t have to. You can pick Rutger simply because you like Rutger.


rolf, leo, conrad, and atram


make Titania not suck, lower Leo’s speed to 7 to make him huge

clive and tobin



a villain, a soft boi, and two wives/ favs

give valter more res and rinea more HP

Iago and halloween scarecrow dimitri


I meant which two Grail units would you give refines to, but thanks for that Scarecrow Dimitri image. :joy:



give valter a ■■■■■■■ refine IS

also I want louise to have one

  1. Memeworthy face (Ethlyn), Flying Lancer Grail Unit #549 (Cormag), Legionses and Valentitania
  2. idk, some of my favorites that I haven’t gotten to merging yet
  3. Oliver: More Defense. He would have been an option but he doesn’t have much going for him beyond Res tanking, and Aversa: More HP. There is never enough
  4. Narcian. He’s nothing more than a funny face atm, and Tobin, swordie #1,069

Outside of the grails I already max merged? If yes It would be Garon + H!Dorcas + Arden + DK
If not : Arvis Walhart Valter and H!Dorcas.

EASY! If I can max merges grails unit I didn’t max merged yet : Soeda Ippei emblem with Walhart + Arden + Garon + H!Dorcas
If not… They wouldn’t have a theme :feh_notlikethis:

Though question, I think It would be older gen unit. I’ll give them the bst of last gen (like ARVIS/Valter) I would put Arvis at 168 bst (so +20) his statline would be like 36/38/36/20/38 instead of 33/34/31/17/33
But mostly DK, I would make his spd 7-9 lower, give him 162 BST and put all the news points in def and res. Like he would be at 40/35/19/36/32 instead of 40/35/25/30/27.

HEHEHE! Easy : Arvis and Valter!

Edit : If Arvis got this statline change, He’ll sit at 48/65/52/32/50 at +10/10 SS, his prf and fury 4 :drooling_face: God why did I think of this? I’m sad now he isn’t that OP :catcry:

  1. Gerome (which I’m currently working on, but takes so much grails to complete), BK, Michalis and Joshua
  2. Dunno, I would just use them how I like I guess
  3. Making Gerome and Michalis faster so I could build more stuff where they actually double people outside of QR and BA
  4. The Gen 1 Grail Units deserve it the most I suppose

Marisa, Death Knight, Naesala, Fallen Delthea


More speed for Death Knight ! Seriously, it’s a shame that he is so slow in FEH while he nearly always double in Three Houses.
Oh and more Attack for Marisa would be nice too.

Marisa and Black Knight


Ballroom Rinea, Death Knight… I don’t have 2 more I can think of…

Not necessarily going to be a theme.

Hm… idk about the second one.

Berkut and Narcian

  1. Not counting units I’ve already merged, Fallen Delthea because I quite like Delthea, Smolzura because I really like her concept and portrayal, LAEliwood because he böff as fuq and HDorcas because I quite like his character in Blazing Blade and he’s decently strong too.
  2. Uhh… this is a stretch, but growing up? Smolzura is the innocent and scared child then FDelthea is the angsty teen, LAEliwood is a happy young adult getting married and HDorcas is the regretful grown man going trick or treating with kids. If you can think of any theme for those four, you’re welcome to try since I couldn’t think of anything else.
  3. I guess I’d take some of LAEliwoods hp and put it into his def and res and then uhhh I can’t think of anything else.
  4. Personal bias says Joshua but also Xander very much needs it at this point.
  1. Finn because he looks like Kaito (vocaloid)
  2. F!Takumi because I like his design
  3. S!Rinea because she’s kawaii
  4. Brunnya because I see 2 big reasons

The theme is : We don’t have access to IVs.

DK ↓

HP : 40
Atk : 40
Spd : 25
Def : 30
Res : 22

Cynthia ↓

HP : 40
Atk : 36
Spd : 37
Def : 26
Res : 24

(because as always, I like their designs)


Am I the only one that read this as Bathroom Rinea? :joy:




Yes! :feh_hridexcited: :feh_navarreculture:

  1. Titania, Rolf, Haar and Brunnya/Rinea.

  2. I dont do theme teams, I just play unit-tetris. BUT with the first three mentioned before, I’d do a tellius team with my Naesala.

  3. Agreed on changing titania stats so she sucks a little less.

  4. I personally would put Titania and Rolf, but they’re special units, so Haar and Canas/Lyon, I cant choose…

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F!Takumi: First GHB to five star, and was part of my favorite banner theme in the game.
Canas: BEST BOI (And he’s on my AR defense so need all the stats I can get!)
Garon: I hated him a ton in fates (cause boring villain is boring) but was weirdly hyped for him when he was announced.
Death Knight: His design’s cools and I love his weapon.
Honorable mention, W!Cecilia since she’s already at +9 and it’s not gonna be long til I have enough Grails for +10.

F!Takumi: Put back on my OG Fallen Heroes team.
Canas: Meme Team Dream Team
Garon: Dragon Emblem
Death Knight: I got nothin. Edgelords?

Death Knight: Drop speed for more resistance please. I’d like some mixed tank action without having to neglect that defense.
F!Takumi: More attack and speed. Drop his defenses for it. He doesn’t need em.
Canas as an honorable mention, just more attack and speed, although if his stats weren’t so similar to Raigh, I probably would have never used him in the first place.

Canas and F!Takumi. Canas cause I’d like him to have a new toy to use, and F!Takumi cause he needs it.

  1. hmmm I already merged the only 2 I was actively interested in building (NY!Laegjarn, and F!Robin), so how about
    S!Loki (since she’s the only flying bow in my Barracks),
    Ursula (because No One uses her),
    Narcian (only because I’m slightly tempted to give him Carrot Axe)
    I guess I could do Aversa for her utility, otherwise I don’t care for her, but a “free instant +10” I’d gladly accept.

  2. I guess it’s actually a balanced team colorwise and damage options.

3 & 4) Narcian and Ursula, if I’m going to have them at +10 I’d like them to be good.


Kana (m)


NY!corrin +4 to all and a prf (slaying + dragonslayer)

Whoops, misread. I want those added as grail units.
Ummm refines? Haar and corrin

  1. Julius
    Death Knight

  2. I honestly have no idea

  3. I dunno. To be completely honest

  4. Lyon (For God’s sake give him a refine IS) and Arvis/Saias since Lute had a similar tone to them